Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Removal

Table of Contents

Invited Speakers
CO2 Separation and Recovery
Geological Storage
Ocean Storage
Chemical Utilization
Biological Utilization
Additional Topics

Section 1. Invited Speakers

Sustainable Development, Climate Change, and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)
Wim C. Turkenburg
United States Strategy for Mitigating Global Climate Change
Robert L. Kane and Daniel E. Klein
Japanese Strategy for Mitigating Global Warming
Yoichi Kaya
Lower CO2 Emissions Through Better Technology
Gernot Gessinger
Technology Responses to Global Climate Change Concerns: The Benefits from International Collaboration
John Tilley

Section 2. CO2 Separation and Recovery

Research and Development Issues in CO2 Capture
Axel Meisen and Xiaoshan Shuai
CO2 Abatement Investigations Under the Framework Programme of the RTD Policy of the EU, in Particular Under the Joule II- Programme
R. Pruschek
Development Requirements for Absorption Processes for Effective CO2 Capture from Power Plants
Colin L. Leci
CO2 Capture Processes - Opportunities for Improved Energy Efficiencies
Amit Chakma
Development of Energy Saving Technology for Flue Gas Carbon Dioxide Recovery in Power Plant by Chemical Absorption Method and Steam System
Tomio Mimura, Hidenobu Simayoshi, Taiichiro Suda, Masaki Iijima, and Sigeaki Mituoka
Evaluation Test Results of 1000 m3 N/h Pilot Plant for CO2 Absorption Using an Amine-Based Solution
Norio Arashi, Naoki Oda, Mutsuo Yamada, Hiromitsu Ota, Satoshi Umeda, and Motoaki Tajika
The Enhancement of the Rate of Absorption of CO2 in Amine Solutions Due to the Marangoni Effect
J. Buzek, J. Podkanski, and K. Warmuzinski
Mass Transfer Studies of High Performance Structured Packing for CO2 Separation Processes
Adisorn Aroonwilas and Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul
Separation of Carbon Dioxide From Offshore Gas Turbine Exhaust
Olav Falk-Pedersen and Henrik Dannstrom
Implementatons of Advisory System for the Solvent Selection of Carbon Dioxide Removal Processes
Christine Chan and Patrick Lau
The Production of Carbon Dioxide from Flue Gas by Membrane Gas Absorption
P. H. M. Feron and A.E. Jansen
A Novel Carbon Fiber Based Material and Separation Technology for the Removal of Carbon Dioxide
Timothy D. Burchell and Roddie R. Judkins
Role of Activated Carbon Pellets in Carbon Dioxide Removal
S.C. Sarkar and A. Bose
Development of Hollow Fiber Membranes for CO2 Separation
Y. Tokuda, E. Fujisawa, N. Okabayashi, N. Matsumiya, K. Takagi, H. Mano, K. Haraya, and M. Sato
Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion and Gasification of Coal Using Flue Gas Recirculation and Oxygen Injection
J. Andries, J.G.M. Becht, and P.D.J. Hoppesteyn
Trial Design for a CO2 Recovery Power Plant by Burning Pulverized Coal in O2/CO2
M. Okawa, N. Kimura, T.Kiga, S. Takano, K. Arai, and M. Kato
Characteristics of Pulverized-Coal Combusion in the System of Oxygen / Recycled Flue Gas Combustion
T.Kiga, S. Takano, N. Kimura, K. Omata, M. Okawa, T. Mori, and M. Kato
Integrating O2 Production with Power Systems to Capture CO2
B. J. Jody, E.J. Daniels, and A.M. Wolsky
Highly Efficient Zero Emission CO2-Based Power Plant
E. Iantovski and Ph. Mathieu
Combining Cryogenic Flue Gas Emission Remediation with a CO2/O2 Combustion Cycle
Z. Meratla
The Role of IGCC in CO2 Abatement
R. Pruschek, G. Oejeklaus, G. Haupt, G. Zimmermann, D. Jansen, and J.S.Ribberink
Water Gas Shift Membrane Reactor for CO2 Control in IGCC Systems: Techno-Economic Feasibility Study
M. Bracht, P.T. Alderliesten, R. Kloster, R. Pruschek, G. Haupt, E. Xue, J.R.H. Ross, M.K. Koukou, and N. Papayannakos
Natural Gas Utilization Without CO2 Emissions
Bjorn Gaudernack and Steinar Lynum
Comparison of CO2 Removal Systems for Fossil-Fueled Power Plant Processes
G. Gottlicher and R. Pruschek
Thermodynamic and Environmental Assessment of Integrated Gasification and Methanol Synthesis (IGMS) Energy Systems with CO2 Removal
Giorgio Cau, Roberto Carapellucci, and Daniele Cocco
CO2 Recovery in a Power Plant with Chemical Looping Combustion
M. Ishida and H. Jin

Section 3. Geological Storage

An Overview of the Underground Disposal of Carbon Dioxide
Sam Holloway
Progress Toward Storage of Carbon Dioxide
P. Freund and W.G. Ormerod
Acid Gas Re-Injection - A Practical Way to Eliminate CO2 Emissions from Gas Processing Plants
Amit Chakma
Disposal of Power Plant CO2 in Depleted Oil and Gas Reservoirs in Texas
Perry D. Bergman, Edward M. Winter, and Zhong-Ying Chen
Deep Coalbed Methane in Alberta, Canada: A Fuel Resource with the Potential of Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions
W.D. Gunter, T. Gentzis, B.A. Rottenfusser, and R.J.H. Richardson
Simultaneous Production of Electricity, Steam, and CO2 from Small Gas-Fired Cogeneration Plants for Enhanced Oil Recovery
David deMontigny, Weerapong Kritpiphat, Don Gelowitz, and Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul
Vertical Convection in an Aquifer Column Under a Gas Cap of CO2
Erik Lindeberg and Dag Wessel-Berg
Escape of CO2 from Aquifers
Erik Lindeberg
Safety of the Underground Disposal of Carbon Dioxide
Sam Holloway
Gas Power with CO2 Deposition Located on Abandoned Platforms
Torleif Holt and Erik Lindeberg
Deep Sub-Seabed Disposal of CO2 - The Most Protective Storage
H. Koide, Y. Shindo, Y. Tazaki, M. Iijima, K. Ito, N. Kimura, and K. Omata
Progress on Binding CO2 in Mineral Substrates
Klaus S. Lackner, Darryl P. Butt, and Christopher H. Wendt

Section 4. Ocean Storage

Ocean Systems for Managing the Global Carbon Cycle
Dwain F. Spencer and Wheeler J. North
Cost Comparison in Various CO2 Ocean Disposal Options
Yuichi Fujioka, Masahiko Ozaki, Kazuhisa Takeuchi, Yuji Shindo, and Howard J. Herzog
Transport Systems for Ocean Disposal of CO2 and Their Environmental Effects
Dan Golomb
Marine Carbonate Formations: Their Role in Mediating Long-Term Ocean-Atmosphere Carbon Dioxide Fluxes - A Review
C. N. Murray and T.R.S. Wilson
Testing the Waters: An Analytical Framework for Testing the Political Feasibility of Scenario-Based Proposals for Disposing of CO2 in the Oceans
Judith Kildow
CO2 Clathrate-Hydrate Formation And Its Mechanism by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
S. Hirai, K. Okazaki, Y. Tabe, and K. Kawamura
Dissolution Mechanisms of CO2 Molecules in Water Containing CO2 Hydrates
T. Uchida, A. Takagi, S. Mae, and J. Kawabata
Numerical Simulation for Dissolution of Liquid CO2 Droplets Covered with Clathrate Film in Intermediate Depth of Ocean
S. Hirai, K. Okazaki, Y. Tabe, and K. Hijikata
Dispersion of CO2 Droplets in the Deep Ocean
H. Teng, S. M. Masutani, and C.M. Kinoshita
Influence of Disposal Depth on the Size of CO2 Droplets Produced from a Circular Orifice
H. Teng, A. Yamasaki, and Y. Shindo
LES Study of CO2 Enriched Gravity Currents
Guttorm Alendal
Impacts of High Concentration of CO2 on Marine Organisms; a Modification of CO2 Ocean Sequestration
K. Takeuchi, Y. Fujioka, Y. Kawasaki, and Y. Shirayama
Near Field Impacts of Reduced pH from Ocean CO2 Disposal
Jennifer A.Caulfield, David I. Auerbach, E. Eric Adams, and Howard J. Herzog
Far-Field Impacts Associated with Ocean Disposal of CO2
Richard K. Dewey, Gilbert R. Stegen, and Robert Bacastow
Dispersion of CO2 Injected into the Ocean at the Intermediate Depth
Norikazu Nakashiki and Takashi Ohsumi
LES Study of Flow Around a CO2-Droplet Plume in the Ocean
F. Thorkildsen and G. Alendal
Photosynthetic Greenhouse Gas Mitigation by Ocean Nourishment
Ian S. F. Jones and D. Otaegui

Section 5. Chemical Utilization

Carbon Dioxide Utilisation in the Chemical Industry
M. Aresta and I. Tommasi
CO2 Removal and Fixation Solar High Temperature Syngas Generation for Fuel Synthesis
T. Weimer, M. Specht, A. Bandi, K. Schaber, and C.U. Maier
Highly Effective Gasoline Synthesis from Carbon Dioxide
T. Inui, H. Hara, T. Takeguchi, K. Inchino, J.B. Kim, S. Iwamoto, and S.B. Pu
Separate Production of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide by Carbon Dioxide Reforming Reaction of Methane
Osamu Takayasu, Fumihisa Sato, Kyoko Ota, Takamasa Hitomi, Takafumi Miyazaki, Tsutomu Osawa, and Ikuya Matsuura
Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Hydrocarbons over Zinc Promoted Iron Catalysts
Sang-Sung Nam, Soo-Jae Lee, Ho Kim, Ki-Won Jun, Myuong-Jae Choi, and Kyu-Wan Lee
Methanol Synthesis from CO2 and H2 over a Cu/ZnO-Based Multicomponent Catalyst
Masahiro Saito, Masami Takeuchi, Taiki Watanabe, Jamil Toyir, Stengcheng Luo, and Jingang Wu
An Assessment Procedure for Chemical Utilisation Schemes Intended to Reduce CO2 Emissions to Atmosphere
H. Audus and H. Oonk
Greenhouse Gas Chemistry
A. Bill, A. Wokaun, B. Eliasson, E. Killer, and U. Kogelschatz
Methanol as an Agent for CO2 Mitigation
M. Steinberg
Hydrogen and Electricity from Decarbonised Fossil Fuels
Olav Kaarstad and Harry Audus
Liquid Phase Methanol Synthesis Catalyst
H. Mabuse, K. Hagihara, T. Watanabe, and M. Saito
Carbon Recycling System Through Methanation of CO2 in Flue Gas in LNG Power Plant
T. Yoshida, M. Tsuji, Y. Tamaura, T. Hurue, T. Hayashida, K. Ogawa
Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide Using Phase Transfer Catalysts
D.W. Park, J.Y. Moon, J.G. Yang, and J.K. Lee
Technology Assessment of Alternative Fuels by CO2 Fixation Use in Passenger Cars
Seiji Matsumoto and Yukio Yanagisawa
Absorption and Fixation of Carbon Dioxide by Rock Weathering
T. Kojima, A. Nagamine, N. Ueno, and S. Uemiya

Section 6. Biological Utilization

Biological Fossil CO2 Mitigation
Evan Hughes and John R. Benemann
CO2 Mitigation with Microalgae Systems
John R. Benemann
A New Marine Microalga Cultivation in a Tubular Bioreactor and its Utilization as an Additive for Paper Surface Improvements
K. Hon-Nami, A. Hirano, S. Kunito, Y. Tsuyuki, T. Kinoshita, and Y. Ogushi
The Biological CO2 Fixation and Utilization Project by RITE (1) - Highly-effective Photobioreactor System
Naoto Usui and Masahiro Ikenouchi
The Biological CO2 Fixation and Utilization Project by RITE (2) - Screening and Breeding of Microalgae with High Capability in Fixing CO2
Masakazu Murakami and Masahiro Ikenouchi
Development of a Photobioreactor Incorporating Chorella sp. for Removal of CO2 in Stack Gas
Yoshitomo Watanabe and Hiroshi Saiki
Power Plant Flue Gas as a Source of CO2 for Microalgae Cultivation: Economic Impact of Different Process Options
Kiran L. Kadam
Optimization of the Fertilization by Nutrients of the Ocean, Taking Fixation by Phytoplankton Into Account
Kunio Horiuchi, Toshinori Kojima and Atsushi Inaba
Calcium Chloride as a Biomimetic Intermediate for the Mineralization of Carbonate Ions of Water as Calcium Carbonate in Gelatinous Matrices of Chitosan and Chitin
Shigehiro Hirano, Koichi Yamamoto, and Hiroshi Inui
Cyanobacterial Bioconversion of Carbon Dioxide for Fuel Productions
Kazuhisa Ohtaguchi, Susumu Kajiwara, Dani Mustaqim and Nahoko Takahashi
Design of the Bioreactor for Carbon Dioxide Fixation by Synechococcus PCC7942
Susumu Kajiwara, Hidenao Yamada, Narumasa Ohkuni and Kazuhisa Ohtaguchi
Stably Sustained Hydrogen Production by Biophotolysis in Natural Day/Night Cycle
Yoshiharu Miura, Toru Akano, Kiyomi Fukatsu, Hitoshi Miyasaka, Tadashi Mizoguchi, Kiyohito Yagi, Isamu Maeda, Yoshiaki Ikuta, and Hiroyo Matsumoto
The Synthesis of Alternatives for the Bioconversion of Waste- Monoethanolamine from Large-Scale CO2-Removal Processes
Kazuhisa Ohtaguchi and Takahisa Yokoyama
Biomass Development and Waste Wood Co-Firing
Wallace Benjamin
The Shawville Coal/Biomass Cofiring Test: A Coal/Power Industry Cooperative Test of Direct Fossil-Fuel CO2 Mitigation
Earl F. Hunt, David E. Prinzing, Joseph J. Battista, and Evan Hughes
Potential of Cofiring with Biomass in Italy
M. Aresta, I. Tommasi and M. Galatola
Utility Forest Carbon Management Program/UtiliTree Carbon Company
John Kinsman, Gary Kaster, Eric Kuhn, and Ron McIntyre
Potential Land Area for Reforestation and Carbon Dioxide Mitigation Effect through Biomass Energy Conversion
Shin-Ya Yokoyama

Section 7. Additional Topics

Oxygen-Blown Gasification Combined Cycle: Carbon Dioxide Recovery, Transport, and Disposal
R.D. Doctor, J.C. Molburg and P.R. Thimmapuram
The Sequestering of Carbon Dioxide, Embodied Energy and Common Targets for the Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
John H. Walsh
Estimating the Embodied Carbon Dioxide Emissions from the Material Content
Kazuhiko Nishimura, Hiroki Hondo, and Yohji Uchiyama
The Costs and Benefits of Mitigation: A Full-Fuel-Cycle Examination of Technologies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission
H. Audus and P. Freund
Full Fuel Cycle Emission Analysis for Electric Power Generation Options and Its Appplication in a Market-Based Economy
Don Macdonald, John Donner, and Andrei Nikiforuk
Study on GHG Control Scenarios by Life Cycle Analysis - World Energy Outlook Until 2100
Keishiro Ito, Yohji Uchiyama, Yoshihide Takeshita, and Hisashi Hayashibe
Evaluation of CO2 Payback Time of Power Plants by LCA
Kiyotaka Tahara, Toshinori Kojima, and Atsushi Inaba
Economic Assessment of CO2 Capture and Disposal
R.S. Eckhaus, H.D. Jacoby, A.D. Ellerman, W-C. Leung, and Z. Yang,
Synergies and Conflicts of Sulfur and Carbon Mitigation Strategies
Sabine Messner
Assessment of CO2 Removal Utilizing the Concept of Sustainability Limitations
R. Matsuhashi and H. Ishitani
Externality Estimation of Greenhouse Warming Impacts
Bent Sorensen
Japan's Cooperative Research of CO2 Mitigation with Developing Countries
S. Kusuda, Y. Kurashige, T. Higashikawa, and I. Hayashi
Mitigation by New Energy Systems
K. Sakaki and K. Yamada
CO2 Mitigation Through the Use of Hybrid Solar-Combined Cycles
Y. Allani, D. Favrat and M.R. von Spakovsky,
Mitigation Impact of CO2 in Developing Countries
K. Bhavan-Na-Rayana
CO2 Release of Main Industries in China: Situation and Options
Ma Jiang
Trends in Evolution of CO2 Emissions in Romania and Perspectives for Diminishing Their Environmental Impact
L. Dragos, N. Scarlat, and C. Flueraru
Non-CO2 Emitting Renewable Energy Sources in Nepal: Problems and Prospects
Jagan Nath Shrestha and Toshinori Kojima