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Carbon Management Other Research Programs

  1. Imaging and Characterizing the Waste Material Inside Underground Storage Tanks (M. Nafi Toksoz)
  2. Optical Fiber Sensors for Concrete Structures (Christopher K. Y. Leung)
  3. Plasma Processing of Functionally Graded Materials (Subra Suresh)
  4. Lithium SPE Batteries (Anne M. Mayes)
  5. Conversion of Light Hydrocarbons (William A. Peters)
  6. Synthesis and Optimization of Chemical Processes (Paul J. Barton)
  7. Fracture Mechanics (David M. Parks)
  8. Assessment of Hot Dry Rock Economics (Howard Herzog)

  1. Improving Nuclear Power Plant Efficiency Through the Analysis of Work Processes  (George E. Apostolakis)
  2. Software Dependability and Its Impact on Risk-Based Regulation (George E. Apostolakis)
  3. Integrated Models, Data Bases, and Practices Needed for Performance-Based Safety Regulation  (Michael W. Golay)
  4. Improvement In Nuclear Plant Capacity Factors Through Longer-Cycle-Length Operation  (Neil E. Todreas)
  5. Development of Boron Neutron Captive Synovectomy for Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis with the 10B(n,a) Nuclear Reaction  (Jacqueline C. Yanch)
  6. Nuclear Safety and Reliability Guidance for China (Mujid S. Kazimi)

  1. Chemical Reactors for Supercritical Water Oxidation of Military Toxic Wastes: Fundamental and Applied Studies - URI (Jefferson W. Tester)
  2. Chemical Reactors for Supercritical Water Oxidation of Military Toxic Wastes: Molecular Modeling - URI (Jefferson W. Tester)
  3. Transport Phenomena and Solids Destruction Rates in Supercritical Water Oxidation  (Jefferson W. Tester)
  4. Reaction Synthesis in Supercritical Fluids  (Jefferson W. Tester)
  5. Hazardous Waste Remediation using Supercritical Water Oxidation  (Jefferson W. Tester)
  6. Kinetics of Supercritical Water Oxidation  (Jefferson W. Tester)

  1. The Scale-up of Large Pressurized Fluidized Beds for Advanced Coal-Fired Power Processes  (Leon R. Glicksman)
  2. Study of Mechanisms Governing Radiative Heat Transfer In Circulating Fluidized Beds (Leon R. Glicksman)
  3. Particle-To-Wall Heat Transfer In Circulating Fluidized Beds (Leon R. Glicksman)
  4. Comparative Study Of Energy R&D Performance: Case Studies (Howard Herzog)
  5. China Coal Project - student support (Kenneth A. Oye)

  1. MIT Energy Laboratory Electric Utility Program Operation and Control - Multi-Sponsored (Stephen R. Connors)
  2. Development and Application of Biophysical Mechanism Theory: Ruling Out Electrical and Magnetic Field Exposure Conditions for Biological Effect Due to Electric Power Use  (James C. Weaver)
  3. Incentives for Transmission Under Open Access  (Marija Ilic)
  4. Modeling, Control Systems, and Dynamic Pricing for a Distributed Utility System in an Imperfect Market  (Marija Ilic)
  5. Technical Transfer Facilitators in Developing Countries (Richard D. Tabors)

  1. Combustion Chemistry of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds  (Jack B. Howard)
  2. Laboratory Studies of Intermediate Steps in the Atmospheric Oxidation of Organic Compounds  (Mario Molina)
  3. Chemical Kinetic Modeling of Formation of Products of Incomplete Combustion from Spark-Ignition Engines  (Simone Hochgreb)
  4. Investigation of the Formation of Particulate Matter in Spark-Ignition Engines  (Simone Hochgreb)
  5. Marker for Carbonaceous Emissions from Combustion Sources  (John B. Vander Sande)
  6. Detailed Mechanisms and Models for PAH Formation  (William H. Green, Jr.)
  7. Toxic Substances in Coal Combustion - Phase II (Jacquelyn Ciel Yanch)

  1. Research On Energy Demand, Income Growth, and Carbon Emissions  (Richard Schmalensee)
  2. Energy Productivity, Energy Demand, and EPPA Support  (Thomas M. Stoker)
  3. Energy Prices, Investment, and Environmental Policy  (Robert S. Pindyck)
  4. Productivity Project  (A. Denny Ellerman)
  5. Economic Effects of Energy Taxation (James M. Poterba)
  6. New Markets In the Electricity Sector  (Paul L. Joskow)
  7. Assessment of Title and Emissions Trading  (A. Denny Ellerman)
  8. EPPA model - student support (Henry Jacoby)

  1. Consortium for Engine Research  (John B. Heywood)
  2. Lubrication in Internal Combustion Engines  (John B. Heywood)
  3. Lubrication in Internal Combustion Engines  (Victor W. Wong)
  4. Renewable Energy for Transportation  (Simone Hochgreb)
  5. Biomass Pyrolysis: Oil Utilization in Diesel Engines  (Simone Hochgreb)
  6. Experimental Investigation of the Fuel Distribution in Gasoline Direct-Injection Engine  (Simone Hochgreb)
  7. Laminar Flame Propagation in a Stratified Charge Engine (Wai K. Cheng)
  8. A Combustion Vessel for Flame Study  (Wai K. Cheng)
  9. Characterization of Oil Consumption and Correlation with Lubricant Behavior and Design Parameters in Piston-Ring Pack of a Modern Passenger Car  (Victor W. Wong)
  10. Ford China Project (Malcolm A. Weiss)
  11. Lubrication (Victor W. Wong)
  12. Assessment of Future Road Transportation Options (John B. Heywood)

  1. Energy Efficient Buildings for China  (Leon R. Glicksman)
  2. Energy Use in Urban Buildings (Leon R. Glicksman)

  1. International Collaboration on CO2 Ocean Sequestration  (Howard J. Herzog, E. Eric Adams)
  2. Assessment of CO2 Capture, Utilization, and Disposal Technologies  (Howard J. Herzog)
  3. Research Study in Ocean Disposal of CO2  (Eric Adams)

  1. National Advanced Drilling and Excavation Technologies Institute  (Jefferson W. Tester)
  2. LMITCO/MIT University Research Consortium [Sponsor: Lockheed-Martin Idaho Technologies]  (Malcolm Weiss)
  3. Program on Energy Choices for Greenhouse Gas Constrained World  (Jefferson W. Tester)
  4. AGREA -- Analysis Group for Regional Electricity Alternatives  (Stephen R. Connors)

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