MIT study suggests that at low dose-rate, radiation poses little risk to DNA. IN THE NEWS! and on the MIT Homepage, shown below (also featured by MIT as "Best of 2012"). News of this study was dispersed to over 50 sites worldwide
W. Olipitz, D. Wiktor-Brown, J. Shuga, B. Pang, J. McFaline, P. Lonkar, A. Thomas, J. T. Mutamba, J. S. Greenberger, L. D. Samson, P. C. Dedon, J. C. Yanch, B. P. Engelward. Integrated molecular analysis indicates undetectable change in DNA damage in mice after continuous irradiation at ~ 400-fold natural background radiation. Environ Health Perspect. 120:1130-1136 (2012).

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