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Winter 2008

Welcome to Engineering Our World, the MIT School of Engineering's free bulletin for alumni and friends. Updated four times yearly, Engineering Our World describes some of the work we're doing at the leading edge of technological change, providing news and articles of the School's major initiatives.Past Issues

21st Century Requirement: Global Citizenship

by Dean Subra Suresh

A great awareness of the importance of international experiences for students has permeated MIT. This understanding is shared broadly across both faculty and students and is readily accepted as a key element to be integrated into the Undergraduate Educational Commons in the coming years. Currently, our engineering department heads and faculty are exploring new ways students can gain meaningful international experiences, both in education and research.

The School and the Institute are considering the role a preeminent research university should play in today’s global society and in addressing major problems that face humankind. In this issue, I would like to direct your attention to news of several initiatives, including some that have been recently announced:

Faculty Honors and Achievements

First, let me mention some of the significant honors that the School and our faculty have received and appointments that we have announced in recent weeks...