Graduate Courses

Product Design and Development

15.783J, 2.739J (12 units, Spring Semester)

with Profs. Maria Yang and Jerome Arul

This is an interdisciplinary course that presents modern product development methods, focusing on the cross-functional nature of product design activities and decision making.

Topics include:

  1. design thinking skills

  2. product planning

  3. customer needs analysis

  4. concept development

  5. industrial design

  6. concept testing

  7. prototyping

  8. design for environment

  9. product architecture

  10. project management

Team projects involve the development of a new product from identification of the opportunity, to concepts, prototypes, and testing.

The course is taught primarily for students in the Sloan MBA Program and its Entrepreneurship and Innovation track,  Leaders for Global Operations Program, System Design and Management Program, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program, and for students from the Rhode Island School of Design.

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Digital Product Management

15.785 (6 units, Fall or Spring Half Semester)

Taught in Fall 2017 by David Robertson

This course provides an introduction to product management (PM) with an emphasis on its role within technology-driven enterprises. Key aspects of product strategy, product development, and digital product lifecycle management are discussed, as well as the associated responsibilities of the product manager. This course is intended for students seeking a PM position in either a new or established enterprise. The course augments classes that future product managers should be taking in strategy, marketing, product development, and entrepreneurship. Class sessions consist of lectures, discussions, and guest speakers on PM topics. Students work on a team-based PM project in the field. The course is taught primarily for students in the Sloan MBA Program.

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Executive Courses

Systematic Innovation of Products, Processes, and Services

This one-week course is designed for professionals working in various product and service development roles. The course presents state-of-the-art product development techniques related to product planning, concept development, project management, and organization of the process of developing services, software, business processes, and manufactured goods.

This course is offered by MIT Sloan School Executive Education. For more information, see the Course Web Site.

Managing Complex Technical Projects

This two-day seminar is designed for professionals managing large, technical, development projects. The course presents the research conducted at MIT in the areas of project management, system engineering, and development organization. Prof. Eppinger teaches participants how to model projects using the design structure matrix method. Industrial examples include applications in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, and equipment industries.

This course is offered by MIT Sloan School Executive Education. For more information, see the Course Web Site.

Custom Executive Programs

Prof. Eppinger also directs and teaches in MIT’s custom executive education programs.  For information about MIT’s custom program offerings, please contact the office of MIT Sloan Executive Education.  For custom on-site training programs by Prof. Eppinger, please contact him directly.

Online Courses

Innovation of Products and Services: MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking

This online course provides an introduction to systematic product design methods.   Topics include design thinking, customer needs analysis, creativity, and service design methods.  Participants apply these techniques in a team-based project to explore a new product concept.  This course is offered by MIT Sloan School Executive Education in collaboration with Emeritus Institute of Management. For more information, see the Course Web Site.