BikeNapped - A crowdsourced bike-theft-prevention and bike-recovery app for the MIT community
BikeNapped aims to help prevent bike theft on campus. Users can register their bikes by providing identifying information for their bikes. They can then view on a map, locations where bike thefts have occurred. If a user's bike does get stolen, reporting the theft is as simple as pressing one button. Other users can now see this theft on their maps. Users also receive tips on bike safety every time they open the app and there's an analytics page where users can see bike theft statistics by lock type. Users can also report bikes they think are abandoned or look suspicious and other users can see these bikes as well as their locations.
Create bike profile
Scan bike barcode
Theft map

Report a bike stolen
Safest bike lock?
Scan bike barcode
Scan barcode of abandoned bike

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JogCall - A companion app for Jogcall, a persuasive system for couples to jog together
Android meets Arduino: App communicates via Bluetooth & Wifi with Arduino sensors around the house to track couple’s activities. JogCall is a cooperative and aesthetic system that persuades a couple to jog together, which is not only good for their physical exercise, but also for their emotional health. The system consists of
    (i) a series of sensors deployed in home, which sense the position of the partner getting ready for the morning jog, and cause pleasing alarms to wake up the snoozing partner. These sensors include a touch sensored toothbrush, that communicates, via Bluetooth with the companion app. This in turn sends an arduino comand to the Bird Nest (pictured below) to start chirping. The second sensor is placed on the room's door, and so on...
    (ii) a wooden bird nest containing two mov-able 3D printed birds, which move close together as the couple progress.
The app is backed by Parse allowing for a jog/activity to be synchronized across both of the partners' phones.
Learn more about JogCall here
Main page, timer starts automatically, can also start manually
Manually add a new activity
View your week's progress to your goal
Set a new goal for the week

Get the JogCall APK here

MIT GPA - An app to predict your overall GPA, calculate your technical GPA and convert to a 4.0 scale
Finals coming up? Wondering how your grades will affect your GPA? Then look no further! This procrastinator's tool lets you calculate how your GPA will be by your grades this semester and other future semesters. Just enter the class number, the number of units, and the grade you got/think you'll get.
You can also calculate your technical GPA by selecting your major. Finally, because no one else in the world understands MIT's weird 5.0 GPA scale system, this app lets you quickly convert your GPA to a 4.0 scale.
Main page (5.0 scale)
Adding a new class
Technical GPA
4.0 scale GPA

Get the MIT GPA APK here

Builduing Numberphilia - Find MIT buildings by their strange numbers
Building Numberphilia shows you a list of all MIT buildings (names and numbers). You click on a building and it opens a google map to show you the location of the building on campus (labeled with a pin). Requires GPS and wifi to be on for best results
Select building
Get super accurate directions
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StockQuotes - Get the latest stock quotes
This app uses Yahoo's Finance API to get you the latest stock values in the financial market at your fingertips.
Main page
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TrackScore - a score tracking app for two player games
This app is generally used for keeping score in any game/activity the user is playing. For example, a card game with 2 teams or any board game, a frisbee match, whatever game you fancy. One can also shake the phone to roll the dice. The app could be augmented with the functionality of adding new players, adjusting how much to increment the score by. One could also use it to keep count of anything.
Main page
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ColoredDots - Radial art
New screen initializes with selected color from Screen1 and uses it to draw radially as user drags across the canvas
Main page
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MoleMash - Just a game similar to the Whac-A-Mole arcade game
A mole appears in either of five holes. Whack it in time to raise your score.
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Porobits - A companion app for a tangible user interface
Porobits is a system composed of an android tablet app, two pumps controlled by arduino board, and a series of interconnected balloons and pipes. This system models a tangible user interface where a user records himself and sends the his data/sound bits "up to the cloud" so to speak, a balloon with a recording is them inflated. To listen to the recording, tap the balloon and watch it deflate as the recorded sound plays. I can't link the app here, because reasons but I have screenshots:
The empty cloud
Record sound
Stop recording
The cloud with stuff
Food Explorer - Find information about your meal
FoodExplorerAS allows you to search for whatever any type of food you want using Speech Recognition. After a search, (might take >1 tries) the a list of all matching food places appears. You can click on any to view that place's logo, along with the calories and serving sizes associated with that food item.
Speech recognition of food's name
Look at all available information of selected food
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Share or Delete? - a picture sharing slash space efficiency app
Take a picture. Like it? Think it's good enough to share? Hit the share button which opens up all the options you have for sharing the picture (Facebook, Hangouts, Skype, Keep, WhatsApp, ...) Don't like it? Hit delete to take another picture. If it's not worth sharing, it's not worth keeping on your phone. That way you save space for the worthy pics.
Take a picture
Share or Delete?
Share anywhere
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Group Tip Calculator - coz math is for the machine
Tip Calculator helps you quickly select your tip of choice, the number of people in your party, enter your bill and calculate how much team each group member owes and how much of the tip everyone is paying. Also, when you touch the chef at the top of the last screen he says, "Merci!" :)
Enter the bill
Choose the size of your party and tip percentage
Tip like pro
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AuViJo - The Audio Video Journal
In the Spring of 2014, my friends and I took an app development class where we developed Auvijo, an app that works like a diary that accepts all media entries, audio, video and textual.
For more detail, this paper describes the entire development process Auvijo Development report