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Energy Science and Engineering

Mission Statement

Research and education in energy science and engineering, focusing on technologies for efficient energy conversion and utilization which aim to meet the urgent challenge of a sustainable energy supply.


Mankind's most urgent technological challenge is the development of an energy supply that will continue to meet our needs while preserving our environment. Our research activities are focused on strategic technologies to address this issue. We are pursing both innovations in emerging technologies and improvements to existing ones.

Technical areas spanned by our group's research include: automotive power plants and ocean propulsion systems; fossil fuel combustion; wind power; solar energy; electrochemical energy storage; thermoelectric technologies; fuel cells; hydrogen production and storage; refrigeration; thermohydraulics of power systems; energy efficiency in a wide range of systems; ocean energy; certain aspects of nuclear energy; hybrid engines; thermal management of electronics; and energy efficient buildings. Our work on these subjects involves both creative synthesis and engineering design.

Our efforts in technology are grounded in a deep appreciation of the fundamental sciences, including research in these areas: thermodynamics of coupled phenomena; thermochemical and electrochemical reaction; transport phenomena, including heat and mass transfer and electrochemical phenomena; solid-state phenomena, including photo, thermal, and electrical aspects; nanosciences; surface phenomena; deep ocean processes; and various aspects of fluid dynamics. The tools we use include computation, experimentation, and analysis.

The hyperlinks for our labs and faculty members lead to more detailed descriptions of our research activities.

Research Laboratories

Courses Offered


Photovoltaic array for solar power conversion
Photovoltaic array for solar power conversion


Recent Symposia and Presentations

Biographical and Historical Notes

Energy conversion engineering is a fundamental discipline of Mechanical Engineering which has been a part of our department since the Institute was established. The links below describe some of our group's past history.

Faculty Positions Available


For more information contact:

Energy Science and Engineering
c/o Lorraine Rabb
MIT, Room 3-342
77 Massachusetts Avenue 
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 USA

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