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Accused: Fatih Tas, proprietor and editor of Aram Publishing Company
Offence: Propaganda against the indivisible unity of country, nation and State of Republic of Turkey
Date of Offence: September 2001


From the examination of the edition dated September 2001 of the book entitled AMERICAN INTERVENTIONISM published and distributed by Aram Publishing Company located in Istanbul, of which the accused Fatih Tas is the proprietor and editor;

In "Preface" written by the editor of the book and which starts in page 7 and ends in page 10, it is written that:

"The USA is obviously hypocritical when Turkey, Colombia and Indonesia are in dispute. After all, the human rights issue is put into or taken out of the agenda according to the interests of certain people of influence in the USA. When Chomsky  is writing about the Kurdish Problem in Turkey, the reader is unwittingly to feeling a demand from him to concentrate more on this particular subject and analyze it in a more detailed manner. For the moment, it is unclear how Chomsky is assessing the new phase the Kurdish liberation movement is getting into and how much time he spares for following the developments in this field [...]

"At the end of the day, the Kurdish liberation movement has become the primary focus of opposition since last ten years and those who want to exterminate it have just ended up undermining the very social order they nourish. In the process of Turkey's admittance to the EU, the solution of the Kurdish Problem in the 'minority rights' framework is not realistic. As the Kurds become an unavoidable variable in the process of Turkey's admittance to the EU, some rational (and peaceful) reorganization that may also include the Middle East is unintentionally brought into the agenda. One can find interesting parallels between the suggestions formulated by the Kurdish liberation movement regarding the region in which we live and Chomsky's revealing propositions. However, it would be proper to leave to the reader the judgment about this matter."

In addition to this, in the essay titled "Prospects for Peace in the Middle East" on page 143, it is written that:

"Third is Turkey and the Kurds. That's one of the most severe human rights atrocities of the 1990s, continuing in fact. And there are plenty of other issues."

And in page 149,

"Turkey and the Kurds. The Kurds have been miserably oppressed throughout the whole history of the modern Turkish state but things changed in 1984.  In 1984, the Turkish government launched a major war in the Southeast against the Kurdish population. And that continued. In fact it's still continuing. [...] This had nothing to do with Cold War, transparently. It was because of the counterinsurgency war. [...] The end result was pretty awesome: tens of thousands of people killed, two to three million refugees, massive ethnic cleansing with some 3500 villages destroyed."

If the quoted essays are assessed as a whole, it is easily seen that there is a propaganda issue being conducted against the indivisible unity of country, nation and State of the Republic of Turkey;

The prosecution claims and requests, in the name of public, the above mentioned to be tried in our court for the claim he is being accused of, according to Act No. 2845, Item 20, and CONVICTED according to Act No. 3713, Items 1-3 FINAL.

2 November 2001
Bekir Rayif ALDEM R 29885
Istanbul National Security Court
Prosecuting Attorney
Seal and Signature

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