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The Earth System Initiative Has Ended Operations
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Earth System Initiative

The MIT Earth System Initiative is a research and educational enterprise that cuts across environmentally-oriented disciplines such as geology, atmospheric science, oceanography, biology, chemistry, and environmental engineering.

In the tradition of innovation that characterizes MIT, this Initiative provides a fertile ground for a new kind of Earth exploration — one that will marshal revolutionary tools and technologies to answer fundamental questions about life on Earth.

By unveiling the processes of physical and biological change, ESI will build the understanding required to sustain the vital functions of the Earth system for future generations.


Engineering a Cooler Earth:
Can We Do It? Should We Try?

Friday, October 30th
8:20am to 5:30pm
Wong Auditorium

Climate engineering—intentionally manipulating Earth’s climate—is gaining currency as concerns over anthropogenic global warming mount. But do we in fact possess the technological capability and scientific understanding to manipulate Earth’s climate with desirable or even foreseeable results? And what are the global political, social, legal and ethical implications of even trying?