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Human Impacts and Intervention

With regard to the Earth system, ultimately we want to move from ignorance to understanding, from diagnosis to cure. We want to help realize a different and better world fifty years from now. One in which systematic measurements of biological, chemical, and physical properties inform the questions we ask regarding the "health" of the planet. They will permit us to differentiate natural variability from changes caused by humans. They will enable a more reliable accounting of our impact on the survival of other species.

Armed with such information, it is our hope that mankind will develop a management plan for the Earth system that is based on a deep understanding of its design and properties. This plan undoubtedly will lead to a heightened respect for its inherently complex behavior.

Funded Projects:

Microbe Assisted Tertiary Oil Recovery

PI: Edward DeLong

NOAA Center of Excellence on Monsoons and Malaria

PI: Elfatih Eltahir

Is Deforestation Changing the Hydrologic Climate and Vegetation Dynamics of the Amazon?

PI: Rafael Bras

Groundwater Dynamics and Arsenic Contamination in the Ganges Delta: Irrigated Agriculture Subsurface Chemical Trasport and Aquifer Flushing

PI: Charles Harvey