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Evolutionary Processes

Understanding the process of biological evolution, not simply from the perspective of individual organisms but also from the perspective of entire ecosystems, is an important focus of ESI. Researchers within the program are active in studies aimed at constraining the origin of life on Earth (and elsewhere in the Solar System) and the pace of biological evolution through geologic time. Studies of modern biological systems focus on the connection between life processes at the molecular level and the dynamics of the biosphere on a global level.

Funded Projects:

Dynamical Change in Global Biogeochemical Cycles Accompanying Early Animal Evolution

PI: Daniel Rothman
co-I: Roger Summons

Presaging Paleoprotenozoic Global Change: Geobiology of the Late Archaen Eon

PI: Roger Summons

Requirements for the Development and Maintenanceof Multicellular Life

PI: Roger Summons

The Earthtime Network: Developing an Infrastructure for High Resolution Calibration of Earth History

PI: Sam Bowring

Indicators of Global Biogeochemical Transitions

PI: Roger Summons

Ecophysiology of Deeply-Branching Bacterial and Archael Communities

PI: Roger Summons