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Engineering a Cooler Earth: Can We Do It? Should We Try?

Friday, October 30th

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Welcome and Introduction
MIT hosts Dara Entekhabi, Ernest Moniz and Ronald Prinn


Global Climate Change Impacts: Implications for Climate Engineering
Thomas karl, National Climatic Data Center, NOAA
video Talk slides (pdf)


The Climate Cooling Potential of Different Geoengineering Options

Timothy Lenton, University of East Anglia
video Talk slides (pdf)


Developing Scientific and Geopolitical Criteria to Rank Geoengineering Schemes

Philip Boyd, University of Otago
video Talk slides (pdf)


Using Aerosol Injections for Geoengineering

Joyce Penner, University of Michigan
video Talk slides (pdf)


Climate Engineering with Aerosols--Precictable Consequences?

David Battisti, University of Washingon
video Talk slides (pdf)


The Case for Geoengineering Research

David Keith, University of Calgary
video Talk slides (pdf)


Historical Perspectives on "Fixing the Sky"

James Fleming, Colby College
video Talk slides (pdf)


What's the "Rational" Choice?: Risk, Values and the Politics of Geoengineering

Judith Layzer, MIT


Geoengineering Governance: Rendering the Possible Impossible?

Catherine Redgwell, Uiversity College London
video Talk slides (pdf)


Geoengineering--The Time Scale Problem

Carl Wunsch, MIT
Video Talk slides (pdf)


All-Speaker Roundtable

Moderated by Kerry Emanuel, MIT


A Journalist's Perspective

Cornelia Dean, New York Times


Critical Agenda for Research on Geoengineering

Dara Entkhabi, MIT
video Talk slides (pdf)