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    First meeting of the year 2007-2008!
    Societo por Esperanto has its first meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 11! We're meeting at 7PM in the former coffeehouse of the student center, third floor. Note, for newbies out there, that the room says "coffeehouse" above it but contains nothing but tables, chairs, and a couple vending machines. We're going to discuss plans for the year, elect a president and treasurer, and generally socialize and meet new people. See you there!

    Please stay tuned for more exciting Esperanto activities this term!!!

    Previous Events

      Weekly Esperanto Study Break
      Each Monday night at 7pm, we meet in the former Student Center Coffehouse (3rd floor), for snacks, conversation, and Esperanto practice. We bring the food and study materials, you just have to show up! Come learn and practice Esperanto with us in a fun and stress-free environment. Total beginners are welcome!

      Video night
      On Monday, October 11th, we will meet at the usual time for our weekly Esperanto study break, but in a different location! We will be watching some episodes of Pasporto al la tuta mondo, an Esperanto video course. We will be meeting in the lobby of Sidney-Pacific graduate dormitory, then when we have our group together, we'll go up to a TV lounge, so try to be prompt. We plan to be in the 5th floor TV lounge, so if you arrive late and don't see us in the lobby, get someone to let you in and come on up. Or, call Erin's cell at 617 372 0099, and she can come and get you.

      Join us for Monthly Esperanto Conversation
      Boston-area Esperanto-speakers meet for lunch and conversation at 1pm on the second Saturday of every month at the Royal East Chinese restaurant in Cambridge. Upcoming lunches are November 13th, December 11th, and January 8th.

      November social event
      TBA! If you have any suggestions or want to host this month's social event, let us know!

      Our December social event will be a party and pot-luck dinner with the Esperanto Society of New England. The party will start early on Saturday, December 11th in a Sidney-Pacific graduate dormitory dining room. More details to come!

    Fall 2004 Semester Kick-off
    This semester, we're planning a unique social event each month, and we kicked-off on September 5th with a party to celebrate the beginning of the semester. We met in the Student Center coffeehouse, where we ate snacks, listen to Esperanto music, and socialized.

    IAP 2004 Courses
    Learn Esperanto, improve your Esperanto skills, or hear about other constructed languages. See our events in the online IAP guide.

    UNESCO International Mother-Language Day, 21 February 2004
    Information on IMLD 2003.

    US Esperanto Convention at MIT in July 2003
    The annual convention of ELNA was be right here at MIT from July 3rd to 6th, 2003. The convention was free for students and with a free concert each night (see below)! Information sessions were also open to the public on Saturday, July 5th, in room 2-249. At 2pm, visitors could learn about what Esperanto is and how it is used. At 3pm, they could learn a little of the language itself. More information is available on the convention website.

    Free Multilingual Concerts!
    As part of the ELNA convention, professional musicians JoMo and Kim Henriksen were invited from Europe to perform. They presented three concerts over three days at various venues. On Thursday, July 3rd, from 9pm to 1am, the musicians took over the student-run Thirsty Ear Pub in the basement of Ashdown House. On Friday, July 4th, we enjoyed an outdoor concert on the student center steps from 5pm to sundown (after which we headed out to the river to see the fireworks). On Saturday, July 5th, there was an indoor concert in the Lobdell dining room. More information on the perfomers, including downloadable songs, is available on the convention website.

    Esperanto@Internet seminar at MIT, April 19-26, 2003
    Open house presentation, Tuesday, April 22nd, 2-3:30pm, room 4-231
    The international workgroup E@I recognizes that both Esperanto and the Internet are tools for facilitating communication and works on projects to bring the two together. E@I will hold their latest meeting at MIT, and will have an open house to present the group its projects. E@I is currently developing projects such as Interkulturo (a set of tools for connecting classes of schoolchildren from around world), Lernu! (a multilingual website for learning Esperanto), and The Language Prism (multilingual website about linguistic diversity around the world).

    IAP 2003 Courses. View the Societo's course descriptsions.

    ...and Monthly Esperanto Meetings
    In the past we have followed the monthly lunch with a more formal meeting at MIT from 3:30 - 5pm. The programs included presentations by local and guest speakers in Esperanto, translated into English. Anyone, regardless of their ability to speak Esperanto, is welcome! We may revive this tradition if there is interest.

    IAP 2002 Courses. View the Societo's course descriptsions.

    Lecture, Tuesday, March 20th, 2001
    16 Months of Cultural Immersion in 16 Countries
    Hear Amanda Higley talk about her incredible journey through Europe using Esperanto! More information...

    IAP 2001 Courses. View the Societo's course descriptsions.

    IAP 2000 Courses. View the Societo's course descriptsions.

    Incubus. This 1965 film starring William Shatner and filmed entirely in Esperanto has been shown twice by the Societo por Esperanto and the MIT International Film Club (despite the horrible pronunciation and grammar of the Esperanto in the film). The first showing was Thursday, September 23rd, 1999. Here is the Societo's announcement and IFilm's announcement. The film was shown again, on November 8th (appropriately just after Halloween), 2002, in cooperation with the MIT Department of Linguistics and Philosphy which was hosting a regional linguistics conference at that time. Here is IFilm's announcement.

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