Shared Commitments for the Future:
Living Group Pledges for the 2002-03 Year

Alpha Delta Phi pledges that all current brothers will donate blood before September 11th.

Alpha Epsilon Pi pledges to raise one thousand dollars towards the refurbishment of one of Magen David Adom's First Aid Stations.

Alpha Epsilon Phi pledges to raise money for the New York Neediest Cases Fund to continue support for the victims of September 11th.

Alpha Phi pledges to send volunteers to three different water stations on Marathon Day.

Alpha Tau Omega pledges for each member to perform ten hours of community service this year.

As a multinational, multicultural dorm, Ashdown House will pledge to engender awareness among Ashdown residents and the larger MIT community of the different cultures within the community through large and widely publicized bi-monthly discussions to be held in the Hulsizer Room in Ashdown House.

Beta Theta Pi pledges to regularly host community unifying events to build a strong relationship among the residents of the Back Bay.

Burton-Conner will hold a canned food drive in our dormitory and encourage all of our residents to participate.

Chi Phi pledges to collect change at dinner each day and donate the collection during the holidays.

Delta Kappa Epsilon pledges to spend eight hours constructing houses for the needy through the Habitat for Humanity program.

Delta Tau Delta pledges to have its members volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank this year.

Delta Upsilon pledges to help out at a soup kitchen at least twice a term.

Edgerton House pledges to promote tolerance and understanding by creating a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment for graduate students.

Green Hall would like to express solidarity with the entire world community on the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack by organizing a token pledge to collect food and clothing for less fortunate individuals in the Greater Boston area.

Kappa Alpha Theta pledges to light (and leave lit) a candle while reading an inspirational poem or quote at each chapter meeting.

Kappa Sigma pledges for all its members to devote one day per term to assisting at the Greater Boston Food Bank.

McCormick Hall residents pledge to sponsor a teacher for women in Afghanistan for the next year.

New House will have a food and clothing drive to help out local homeless shelters.

The residents of Next House pledge to make conscious efforts to be better neighbors, citizens and people, each and every day, and to continue to re-forge the bonds between ourselves and the communities we belong to by giving time, money and resources to charities in the area.

Nu Delta pledges to run a clothing drive in East Boston for the Salvation Army through door-to-door collections and student donations.

Pi Lambda Phi pledges to salvage, donate or transport one ton of food to feed the hungry.

Phi Beta Epsilon pledges to organize an IFC-wide clothing drive for charity this coming term.

Phi Delta Theta pledges to hold a vigil at their house where people can share their feelings, thoughts, and emotions concerning this tragedy.

Phi Kappa Sigma pledges to hold a community carnival and haunted house to raise money for the Leukemia Society.

Phi Kappa Theta pledges to hold at least one community service event with a veterans service organization within the next academic year

Phi Sigma Kappa pledges that every brother will donate one gift to the Giving Tree Foundation.

Sigma Chi pledges to have a monthly moment of silence during dinner.

Sigma Kappa pledges to improve the lives of others through visits to nursing homes, allowing sisters to learn about the past and bring light to the present and future.

Sigma Nu pledges to increase house participation in Red Cross Blood Drives to 100% of eligible members.

Sigma Phi Epsilon pledges to volunteer in the city at least once a month for service, and for individual members becoming regular blood donors.

Simmons Hall pledges at least 150 hours of volunteer work during the fall term.

Tang Hall pledges to donate $150 from our t-shirt fundraiser to the September 11th Victims Fund, and will be holding a discussion for Tang Hall residents the evening of 9/11/2002.

Theta Chi pledges to hold an open dinner twice per term with a guest speaker talking about a religious, social or political issue related to September 11 and its aftereffects.

Theta Xi pledges to hold a minute of silence each Tuesday at dinner.

The Warehouse pledges to have several residents spend 20 hours each semester volunteering at CASPAR in the coming years in order to participate in community outreach in remembrance of 9/11.

Zeta Beta Tau pledges to organize one house-wide community service event per month.

Zeta Psi pledges to volunteer tutors at local schools at least once a month.