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Hello! I am a research scientist at MIT developing novel educational software.
I design games, VR experiences, and virtual lab simulations for workforce training.

Workforce Training

My current research is focused on creating online learning tools for workforce training in advanced manufacturing, specifically targeting the emerging fields of integrated photonics and specialty optical fiber.

Virtual Manufacturing Lab (VM-Lab)

I am the project manager for the the Virtual Manufacturing Lab (VM-Lab), a three-year collaboration between MIT, Clemson University, and the University of Arizona funded by the Office of Naval Research.

VM-Lab's online learning modules use interactive simulations, immersive desktop VR, and digital games to enable self-directed learning for the emerging advanced manufacturing workforce.

VM-Lab modules will be featured in AIM Academy’s online edX courses, and hosted on the Open edX platform EducateWorkforce as an interactive module library for application-driven exploration.

Here are a few examples of the VM-Lab tool-training and optical circuit simulations:

We are always looking for beta testers. If you are interested in giving us feedback and helping us build these interactive tools, please reach out!


In my spare time, I design and program educational games as a member of HomeTeam GameDev.

Educational Games

Geogami Precursor - Addicting geometry puzzles. Paint each canvas by flipping geometrical shapes.
Role: Team lead, Unity developer, game designer
Tech: Unity C#, Blender

CrossPoint - Zen linear algebra playground.
Role: Team lead, web developer, game designer
Tech: JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas

Optiverse: Origins - Escape from the Optiverse using lasers, mirrors, and refraction.
Role: Team lead, web developer, game designer
Tech: JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas

Photon Drop - Wavelength, colors, and your brain!
Role: Project lead, web developer, game designer
Tech: JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas

Entertainment Games

Tome Tactics - Wizards, spells, and gigantic dice! Turn-based tabletop gaming in 3D.
Role: Procedural mesh generation, 3D modeling
Tech: Unity Shader Graph, Blender

Barrow Freight Interplanetary - Delivery in space! Keep your ship running and deliver the goods.
Role: Particle effects, 3D modeling
Tech: Unity C#, Blender

I'm an Egg! - Humorously awkward roll-a-ball.
Role: Team lead, Unity developer
Tech: Unity C#, Blender

HomeTeam Game Development Club

Since 2016, I have designed, developed, programmed, and published educational games as a member of the online club HomeTeam GameDev.
HomeTeam is a global community of volunteers who meet every week to work on hobby games and projects.
Click here for a list of all HomeTeam games released to date.


Solar Fuels: Creating the 'Artificial Leaf'

After a B.S. in physics at MIT, I completed a Ph.D. in materials science at Caltech focusing on nanophotonics, photovoltaics, and artificial photosynthesis for renewable energy conversion.

Solar fuels - front cover of EES!

My PhD thesis project, a high-efficiency solar fuel device, was featured on the front cover of the high-impact journal Energy and Environmental Science.

Turning water and carbon dioxide into fuel

As a member of the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP) I designed semiconductor devices that harnessed sunlight and water to create chemical fuels. My work resulted in two novel devices for solar water splitting and CO2 reduction.

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If you have any ideas for a collaboration please don't hesitate to contact me!

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