I - Parental Support

Note: This policy makes consistent across the Institute elements of the parental support policies that already exist within each School.

Preamble: The goal of this policy is to allow a parent to spend significant time, energy, and focus on the care of and responsibility for a child during the first year of its arrival in the family. This means spending a majority of one's time with the child.


Using this release time for other purposes, such as to start a business or for extensive professional travel or other increased outside professional activities does not meet this goal.

Faculty requesting parental support under this policy will be asked to signify that they believe in the goal of the policy and will abide by it.

Policy: A faculty member who wishes to spend the majority of his or her time on the care of and responsibility for a newborn child or a newly adopted child, will be released from teaching and administrative duties for one semester at full pay. Nonetheless, faculty members on such release will be expected to fulfill their thesis advising responsibilities and sustain their research program. Faculty members on such release will not normally increase their usual outside professional activities, and the Institute rules on outside professional activities for fulltime faculty remain in force.

Faculty members can take advantage of this policy in any term they choose within one year after the arrival of the child. Faculty members seeking such release should notify their department heads in writing that they will spend the majority of their time on the care of the child over the period of the release. Faculty members have the responsibility to notify their department heads as far in advance of the leave as possible (normally one semester's notification is required) so that steps can be taken to cover their teaching obligations.

This policy is gender blind.