Implementation and Oversight

The Council on Faculty Diversity (in consultation with the Faculty Chair) will appoint a committee of 6 (or 7) senior faculty to oversee the implementation of these policies. This committee would have four primary responsibilities:

  1. To educate the community about the existence of these policies and ensure that orientations for new faculty and new department heads include this information.
  2. To gather information on how these policies are working so as to monitor and evaluate their effectiveness. Particular attention will be paid to the policy extending the tenure clock for childbearing, since it is presented as an experiment to be reviewed in 5 years.
  3. To provide advice and career planning to faculty with family responsibilities and to serve as a resource as faculty with family care needs explore arrangements with their departments.
  4. To act as a liaison between faculty and their department heads, so as to assure an equitable implementation of the policies.

The Committee will report annually to FPC and the Academic Council.