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Teamwork Makes Systems Run Efficiently

It takes real teamwork to keep MIT’s building systems operational 24/7 365 days a year. Repair & Maintenance (R&M) is comprised of teams that work together to keep MIT’s building mechanical and structural systems running efficiently and reliably. The three Campus Services Teams are first responders for hot or cold temperature issues and responsible for a specific set of buildings. A group of 13 Central Teams is responsible for major repairs, central systems maintenance, and backup support for the Campus Services Teams.

The Customer Service Center assists all of R&M with work order processing and customer service issues. In addition, a stock team provides materials for tradespeople, and a shuttle service transports employees and materials to various job sites around campus.

The Comprehensive Stewardship Group works in tandem with Repair & Maintenance and is responsible for 12 new or newly renovated buildings.

R&M Headquarters

Manager – Kevin Connolly; E18-138; 324-0453
Senior Administrative Assistant – Kathy Collupy; E18-170; 8-9429

Campus Services Team Supervisors

Main Campus

Warren Scott; E19-146; 3-8326

East Campus

Joe Wadkins; E19-141; 3-5721

West Campus and DSL Buildings

Kevin Rogers; E19-135; 3-7636

Central Teams

The Central Teams are responsible for larger repairs, maintenance of central systems and back up for the local zones. The Central Teams consist of electricians, fire protection technicians, HVAC mechanics, generator mechanics, pipefitters, metal workers, instrument technicians, maintenance mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, locksmiths, painters, metal workers, and glaziers.

Central Team Supervisors


Mike Giambrone; E18-121; 3-6353

Corrective Maintenance

Joe Silva; E19-135; 3-1602


Steve Gilligan, Senior Supervisor; WW15-102; 3-8079
John Ledbury; WW15-105; 5-2508

Fire Protection

William Radochia; E19-134F; 3-6361

Instrument Technicians

Alan Viens; E19-134D; 8-7011

Piping Systems

Michael Correira, Senior Supervisor; E18-170; 8-9174


David Hingston; E19-147; 3-6352

Preventative Maintenance

Michael MacDonald; E19-141; 4-6376

Second Shift

Anthony Small; 32-070; 3-0635


Tammy Doyle, Supervisor; E19-107; 3-5166
Daniel DiPasquale, Supervisor; E19-107; 3-7809

Structural Construction

Joe Vella, Senior Supervisor; E18-103; 8-6507

Third Shift

Matt Lajoie; 32-072; 4-6330

Operations Center

Supervisor – Linda Bradford; E19-132; 324-6131

Planning and Scheduling Office

This team plans and schedules all Preventive Maintenance on campus. They also provide planning support for both the Campus Services and Central Teams.

Senior Planner/Scheduler – Joe McWeeney; E19-133; 3-8731
HVAC/Preventive Maintenance Scheduler – TBD
Preventative Maintenance Support – Martina O’Sullivan; E19-133; 8-7872

Controls Systems Analyst

Kevin Verrier; 32-038; 9-4230

Order Services

To order services from Custodial Services, Grounds Services or Repair and Maintenance, go to Service Requests in Atlas. Basic services are covered by Facilities operational budget while special services include a fee. For example, repairing existing locks and door hardware are basic services. Changing or installing new locks is a special service.





Department Directory

Repair & Maintenance

Kevin Connolly

Kathy Collupy
Senior Administrative Assistant

Customer Service Center

Office Hours: M - F, 7AM - 4:30PM
Key Distribution Hours: M - F, 8AM - 4PM
Phone: 617-253-4948
Building: 7-019

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