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Employee permits

If you are a full- or part-time employee of MIT, you can request on-campus parking privileges through the online application. If you are open to alternative options, we encourage you to review our subsidy and reimbursement programs by visiting your Commuting Benefits page on Atlas.

Regular Commuter
Economy Regular Commuter
Occasional/Evening Parking
After Hours
Resident Employee
Retired Faculty and Employees
Transponders for Hands-free Parking

Regular Commuter

Regular Commuter permits are issued directly to individual parkers for their exclusive use. These permits are issued to full- and part-time employees with MIT appointments.

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Economy Occasional Parking

Economy Occasional Parking is a discounted parking programs offered to employees who elect to park in the West Lot or Westgate Lot. Compare the economy parking rate to other parking rates.

Economy parkers can use the free Tech Shuttle (PDF) service which runs approximately every 10 minutes during peak hours to get to most parts of campus.

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Occasional and Evening

The Occasional/Evening Parking permit is now intended for use by full-time parkers in gated lots as well as employees who do not need to park every day or who normally use other means of commuting. This permit allows you to park in an MIT gated lot on a pay-per-day basis. The daily rate fee is for a business day and not for each entry or exit during the day.

Starting in September 2016, Occasional Parking permit and daily fees will be the only option available for Cambridge campus employees parking in the following lots:

  •  North Area: Albany Garage and N10 Lots
  •  Sloan Area: East Garage at E62
  •  Northeast Area: Stata Garage
  •  Economy Area: West Lot, Westgate Lot

Learn more about obtaining and using an Occasional and Evening Parking permit.

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After Hours

Anyone with a valid MIT parking permit can park his/her vehicle in any parking facility on campus after 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends and MIT holidays. Please note that parking is only allowed in spots that are not otherwise reserved.

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A Carpool or Vanpool permit is a Regular Commuter permit that is charged at half the regular rate. It is shared by members of the carpool or vanpool. When permits are distributed at the beginning of the parking year, each member receives a parking sticker, and the group is given a carpool hang tag. The hang tag is to be used by the carpool member whose vehicle is parked on campus on any given day. At no time should more than one vehicle of a carpool be parked on campus.

To learn more about the carpool process, visit the Ride Sharing page.

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Resident Employees

Tutors, housemasters, and other employees who live in an MIT residence should apply online to obtain a resident parking permit.

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Retired Faculty and Employees

Retired faculty permits are available to retired faculty and professors emeritus. Retired faculty who receive compensation pay the regular commuter rate; retired faculty without compensation pay a lower rate.

Retired staff may purchase Invited Guest Parking passes directly from the Parking Office or apply for an occasional/evening permit.

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Transponders for Hands Free Parking

MIT has installed transponders for "Hands Free" systems at the Stata Garage, Albany Garage, and E62 Garage. This system employs technology similar to that being used for the Fast Lane program on the Massachusetts Turnpike and other major highways. A transponder attached to your windshield automatically opens the parking gates, eliminating the need to swipe your card.

"Hands Free" parking is a voluntary program provided at a cost of a one-time fee of $20.

You may apply online for a transponder for "Hands Free" parking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to specific questions about parking at MIT, please visit the Parking FAQ page.  

 Your Commuting Benefits (Atlas)
 Parking Rates for 2017-2018 (pdf)


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