About the Cover

The MIT Campaign for a Better World—a bold and ambitious $5 billion fundraising initiative—was officially launched in May 2016. In the words of MIT Corporation chairman Robert B. Millard ’73, the Campaign “is an opportunity to re-inspire, reenergize, and recommit the MIT community to our shared vision and values, while amplifying the power of our students, faculty, and staff to shape the future by providing them with the resources they need to do their best work.”

The Campaign is guided by six priority areas that span the full breadth of the Institute: discovery science; health of the planet; human health; innovation and entrepreneurship; teaching, learning, and living; and strengthening MIT’s core (see Building MIT’s Resources for more detail). In his announcement of its launch, President L. Rafael Reif stated that the Campaign is MIT’s response to the urgent challenges facing humanity and an intensive effort to “seek the support of enthusiastic partners” that will help MIT accelerate positive change and amplify the impact of its work in the world.

In keeping with the Campaign’s focus on the greater good, this year’s cover calls to mind the global nature of MIT’s mission, vision, education, and reach, reminding us that the opportunities for us to build a better world are infinite.