Year-end Statistics (in Millions),
Fiscal Year 2017

Value of Plant and Invested Assets
Land, buildings, and equipment, net book value $3,397.1
Market value of endowed funds $14,832.5
Market value of total investments $19,045.3


Gifts and Pledge Payments to MIT
Individuals $195.8
Corporations $91.5
Foundations $390.5
Other $5.0
Total $682.8


Gift and Pledge Payment Designations
Faculty chairs $33.7
Scholarships and other undergraduate aid $20.0
Undergraduate education and student life $43.0
Graduate fellowships $12.8
Research and education programs $468.7
Construction and renovations $41.6
Unrestricted $53.3
Undesignated and miscellaneous $9.7
Total $682.8