1.10 Membership

Revised to 11/12


The Faculty shall consist of the Chair of the Corporation; the President, the Vice Presidents, the Provost, the Chancellor, and the Associate Provosts of the Institute; all members of the instructing staff with rank of Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor; Associate Professor/Senior Coach, Associate Professor/Coach, and Assistant Professor/Coach; the Deans of the Schools of Architecture and Planning; Engineering; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; Science; and the Sloan School of Management; the Dean for Graduate Education; the Dean for Undergraduate Education; the Dean for Student Life; the Dean of Admissions; the Director of Athletics; the Director of the Libraries; the Medical Director; the Registrar; and the Executive Director, Student Financial Services. In addition, the Faculty, on the recommendation of its officers, shall designate each year by vote certain administrative staff positions; the holders of these positions, not to exceed two in number, shall be ex officio Members of the Faculty for that year.