1.20 Officers

Revised to 5/98


The officers of the Faculty shall be a Chair, an Associate Chair, and a Secretary, and, ex officio, the President of the Institute. (The President of the Institute is, ex officio, President of the Faculty.)


In the absence of the President, the Chair of the Faculty shall preside at the Faculty meetings.


It shall be the duty of the Secretary:

  • To cooperate with the President in the general conduct of Faculty business.
  • To give written notice to each member of the time and place of each Faculty meeting and of the special business to be transacted. In the absence of the President and Chair from a Faculty meeting, to call the meeting to order and to entertain the motion for a Chair pro tempore.
  • To record the proceedings of each meeting and to circulate them to the entire Faculty with the call for the next meeting.
  • To place on file important communications relating to Faculty business, as well as all reports of committees.
  • To give the Chair of each committee appointed by the Faculty notice of the personnel and purpose of such committee.
  • To notify students, in writing, of any Faculty action affecting them individually.