1.30 Meetings

Revised to 11/12

Faculty Meeting Agendas and Minutes (MIT only)


The regular meetings shall be held on the third Wednesday of each month during the academic year except in January. The May meeting shall be known as the Annual Meeting. Upon agreement of the President and the officers of the Faculty that there is no pressing business for the Faculty, a meeting may be canceled. A minimum of five regular meetings shall be held in each academic year. Special meetings shall be held at such other times as the Faculty or the President shall appoint, or upon written request presented to the Secretary by any ten members.


Faculty members and Professors, Post-Tenure have speaking and voting privileges at MIT Faculty meetings. For regular meetings, except when in executive session, non-Faculty members of the MIT community shall be allowed to attend as listeners. Speaking but not voting privileges shall be extended to: the President and Vice President of the Undergraduate Association, the President and Vice President of the Graduate Student Council, and the student members of the Faculty Committees on Faculty Policy, Undergraduate Program, and Graduate Programs. For specific meetings, speaking privileges shall be extended to members of the committee or task force whose report is an agenda item. Speaking privileges may also be extended to members of the administrative staff or other individuals invited by the Chair of the Faculty or the Chair of the meeting.