1.50 Elections

Revised to 11/10


The following shall be elected at the Annual Meeting: each year, the new members in the elected membership of Standing Committees; every other year, a Chair-elect who shall serve one year followed by a two-year term as Chair of the Faculty, and in alternate years, the Associate Chair and the Secretary of the Faculty, who shall serve two-year terms concurrently with the Chair of the Faculty. Nominations alternative to those circulated by the Committee on Nominations may be made either at the April meeting of the Faculty or in writing to the Secretary of the Faculty by the Wednesday following the April Faculty meeting, provided in all cases that the consent of the nominee has been obtained. Nominations submitted in writing must bear the signatures of the nominator and the seconder and be made available to the Faculty at least two weeks prior to the May Faculty Meeting. For each candidate for any contested committee, information on the departmental affiliation and prior Institute service should be made available to the faculty at least two weeks prior to the May Faculty Meeting. Candidates for contested committees may optionally submit a short statement to be circulated to the Faculty at the same time. New appointments to Standing Committees shall be made within one week after the Annual Meeting. No member of the Faculty shall serve continuously as Chair of the Faculty for more than one term; other officers and committee members are eligible for reelection or reappointment. Except as otherwise specified, the Chair of the Faculty shall appoint the Chairs of each Standing Committee from among its elected membership annually within three weeks after the Annual Meeting and at other times if a vacancy occurs. All terms of office shall begin on July 1.