2.20 Requirements for Admission

Revised to 5/98


To be admitted to the first-year class, applicants must be of good character and normally must satisfactorily pass examinations or be certified, under regulations approved by the Faculty, in Algebra, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry, and English. They must also present satisfactory certificates for elective subjects as prescribed by the Faculty. Additional tests may be prescribed by the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid.


Students transferring from colleges or technological schools are required to present satisfactory certificates of dismissal. They may be admitted to the Institute without entrance examinations, subject to presenting satisfactory certificates for the entrance subjects required, and allowed to take those subjects for which they shall satisfy the Dean of Admissions, by examination or otherwise, that they have the necessary preparation.


On approval of the Dean of Admissions, undergraduate Special Students may be admitted to particular subjects on satisfying the members of the Faculty in charge that they are qualified to pursue to advantage the various subjects chosen. Special student status shall be granted for one term only; students must seek readmission as Special Students for any succeeding terms.


An applicant for one of the graduate degrees, Master, Engineer, or Doctor, enumerated in Regulation 2.81, must, except in cases of unusual attainments, have taken a first degree (or provide evidence of equivalent credentials) from a school, college, or university of good standing. With an application for admission to the Graduate School the student must provide a statement of his or her previous work and present attainments, and the program of advanced work which the student intends to do at the Institute. The applicant's credentials and proposed course of study shall be passed upon by the Committee on Graduate Programs of the appropriate department or program. The Director of Admissions will provide to the applicant the official notification of this action.

In a similar manner, applications for special student status at the graduate level will be submitted through the Dean of Admissions for review by the appropriate faculty. The applicant must apply for admission prior to each term in which the applicant proposes to register as a Special Student.