2.90 Discipline

Revised to 11/00


It is the duty of the instructor in charge of a room to see that order is preserved, and he or she is authorized to exclude any student from the room for sufficient cause. Such exclusion shall be reported to the Dean for Undergraduate Education or the Dean for Student Life.

Students are expected to behave with decorum, to obey the regulations of the Institute, and to pay due respect to its officers. Conduct inconsistent with general good order or persistent neglect of work may be followed by dismissal. If the offense is a less serious one, the student may be placed on probation.

It is the aim of the Faculty so to administer the discipline of the school as to maintain a high standard of integrity and a scrupulous regard for the truth. The attempt of any student to present as his or her own the work of another or any work which he or she has not honestly performed, or to pass any examination by improper means, is regarded by the Faculty as a most serious offense, and renders the offender liable to immediate expulsion. The aiding and abetting of a student in any dishonesty is likewise held to be a grave breach of discipline.

No student shall be required to withdraw from the Institute for alleged academic misconduct without an investigation and an opportunity to be heard by the Committee on Discipline.