Report of the Faculty Policy Committee's
Subcommittee on Examination and Term Regulations


Subcommittee Membership:

Professor Donald R. Sadoway, Chairman
Dr. Alberta Lipson, Associate Dean, Office of Academic Services
Professor Paola Rizzoli, Chair, Committee on Academic Performance
Mr. Jeremy D. Sher, Chair, Student Committee on Educational Policy
Professor Arthur C. Smith, Chair, Committee on Curricula

Report compiled and edited by Ms. Mary Z. Enterline,
Associate Dean, Office of Academic Services


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
May 1999

Revised March 2000

This report was presented to the Faculty at its meeting on March 15, 2000. A motion to amend the Rules and Regulations of the Faculty was presented at that time and held over for a vote at the April 19, 2000 Faculty Meeting. The final motion was approved at the April 19 Faculty Meeting and Sections 2.10 and 2.50 of Rules and Regulations were amended effective July 1, 2000.

The current regulations governing examinations and assignments are outlined each term by the Faculty Chair.

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Table of Contents

Summary of Proposed Changes to Regulations








A. Charge to the FPC Subcommittee on Examination and Term Regulations

B. 1998 Evening Exam Survey Results

C. Current Term and End-of-term Regulations

D. Summary of Violation Reports, Fall Semester, 1998

E. Current Regulations on Scheduling Academic Exercises and on Evening Examinations

F. A Partial History of the Evening Exams Issue (1990)

G. Scheduling of Evening Classes (1985 Memorandum)

H. Policy on Evening Exams/Quizzes in Undergraduate Subjects (1991)

I. Faculty Rules You Should Know (Spring 1999)

J. Current Regulations on Take-home Examinations

K. Take-Home Final Examinations (1994 Memorandum)

L. Current Regulations regarding Governance of Examinations

M. Current Regulations regarding Violations of Examination Policies

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