Term Regulations


These term regulations and examination policies derive from Rules and Regulations of the Faculty and apply to academic exercises during the fall and spring terms. Exceptions to the term regulations and examinations policies must be approved by the Faculty Chair, Professor Krishna Rajagopal. Asking students to vote on some deviation from the rules is not permissible. Instructors should contact exam-termregs@mit.edu with questions of interpretation or requests for exceptions to the regulations. Exceptions to the regulations should be granted for no more than five years.

Students are encouraged to discuss questions regarding individual subjects and the term regulations with the instructor as early in the term as possible. Students can also address questions or report violations to exam-termregs@mit.edu. It is Institute policy that individuals will not be reprimanded or discriminated against for initiating an inquiry or complaint, see Policies and Procedures, Section 9.6.

Undergraduate students may contact the Undergraduate Association's Student Committee on Education (CoE) for advice and support.

The Academic Guide, compiled by the Office of Academic Services and the Committee on Academic Performance, is available online and contains useful information. Faculty members are encouraged to bookmark the site.

A handout of the term regulations can be downloaded here.