Finding Community

Diversity: Living in the Boston Area

Boston and Cambridge are vibrant and ethnically diverse cities, home to over 50 four-year colleges and universities.

People of color are now the majority in Boston—a gateway for people immigrating from the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and more. You can find places here where people from similar ethnic and racial backgrounds live, work and socialize and neighborhoods that are multi-racial. Although the suburbs are mostly white, some are becoming increasingly diverse.

The weather takes some getting used to if you’re from warmer climes. The housing prices are higher than many areas of the country. But no matter what your cultural or racial heritage, you can find community—ethnic foods, cultural centers, classes, lectures, festivals, places of worship—somewhere in the environs of Boston and Cambridge.

For those whose community might include identity with a particular ethnic/racial heritage or sexual orientation, we’ve created the following resource sections:

We have also created a section of Resources for Faculty with Disabilities and Their Families.

Thanks to The Partnership, Inc., a company that provides leadership development and career mentoring support for professionals of color and organizations, for their assistance.