Finding Community

Diversity: Living in the Boston Area

Resources for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Faculty and Their Families

MIT in general is a welcoming place for those who are lesbian, bisexual, gay or transgender. The LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate index of campuses nationwide, for example, gives MIT 4 stars out of 5. Should there be an incidence of discrimination, however, it can be reported anonymously, and it will be quickly followed up.

The LBGT@MIT office staff are available to address concerns and point you to resources, whether you've been out for years or are still exploring your sexuality. Their website is one of the most comprehensive around, listing issues groups, friendly places to socialize and places to worship. Some of those resources are highlighted here, as well as services for LBGT families.

MIT Resources

Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender at MIT

A comprehensive website with services, activities and resources for LBGT, questioning and supportive individuals.
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LBGT-faculty listserv

To sign up, contact Abigail Francis at LBGT@MIT (, 617-253-0684)

MIT Nondiscrimination Policy

Includes sexual orientation.
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Domestic Partner (Spousal Equivalent) Health Coverage Taxable Income and Incremental Costs

After getting married, consult the Human Resources Office of Diversity & Inclusion (pdf).
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Resources for transsexual, transgender and gender-questioning people.
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Boston Area Resources

Bay Windows

New England's largest GLBT newspaper.
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Protects marriage equality and promotes LBGT Equality Agenda in Massachusetts, and supports other New England states in winning marriage equality.
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The List

Free weekly email calendar of events and bi-weekly classifieds for the Boston region.
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Boston Pride

Organizer of a week of yearly Pride events, including parade and festival.
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Boston Online: Gay and Lesbian

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Fenway Health

High-quality physical and mental health care in a welcoming environment, known for LBGT care, advocacy and research; includes also LBGT parenting and family services.
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Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

Dedicated to ending discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression.
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Men’s Action Life Empowerment Center (MALE)

Community resource and wellness center for gay and bisexual men in Boston.
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Somos Latin@s LGBT Coalition

Group that works towards furthering LGBT Latino rights through education with youth, adults and families.
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Massachusetts Asians & Pacific Islanders for Health (MAP)

Promotes health, HIV and sexuality awareness and access to care.
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Family Services

Greater Boston Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Support, education, advocacy, Safe Schools Project.
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Boston Glass Community Center

Drop-in center for LBGT or questioning youth ages 13-25.
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Boston Public Health Commission's LBGT Health

Programs, services and how to access care.
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GLBT with Young Families Meetup Group

Private group in the Boston area that you can request to join.
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