Roy Orbison In Clingfilm Haikus

(Inspired by this) Now in bitmap!

By Shayne Muelling

wearing dark glasses
he approached me without clothes
the cling wrap shone brightly

through the flashing lights
reflected off smooth surface
a glimpse of johnson


By Daniel Nolan

Cling wrap tucked him up.
He was a Pretty Woman,
Androgynous Roy.

Tin foil will not do.
A Traveling Wilbury
deserves cling wrap love.

Fat, fleshy, and pale,
Roy must be wrapped up tightly.
He must not ooze out.

Only the lonely
know how a self-slapped ass stings,
when cling wrap befriends


By Sean Buhrmester

Jetta the turtle?
Stretch wrap man in black?
Only the lonely.

Flowing like a stream
Rivulets on plastic wrap
Someone's been Cryin'

"Please unwrap me now"
Last words. Dump the corpse
On the Blue Bayou.


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