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CMR 317 D


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CMR 317 D

CMR D is a 317 MHz NMR system based on an FBML wide bore magnet and a console designed and constructed by the center. It has three fully equipped rf channels. It is intended for solid state NMR studies.


Three transmitter channels

Per channel fully programable frequency modulator with sub milliHz resolution

Per channel fully programable phase modulator with 0.1 degree resolution

Per channel fully programable amplitude modulator with 0.05% resolution

Four channel pulse programmer with 20 nsec resolution

Double buffered averager

Cryomagnet Systems deuterium lock
Bruker magic angle spinning speed controller

Power Amplifiers
(1) Braley 1 kW 317 MHz
(1) AMT 3200 1 kW 6-220 MHz
(1) ENI LPI-10 1 kW 10-86 MH

FBML 317/104

Cryomagnet Systems 14 channel shims Ê

Ê5 mm triple resonance (1H, 13C, 15N) transmission line MAS, with light pipe (for photostudies) and low temperature capability (to -120 degrees C)

OpenVMS operating system

RNMR data acquisition software

Data may be exported in various formats including Ascii, Bruker, Felix, and Varian

RNMRP data processing software