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SPINEVOLUTION is a highly efficient computer program for the numerical simulation of NMR experiments and spin dynamics in general. The original version of the software was described in the paper

M.Veshtort, R.G.Griffin, SPINEVOLUTION: A powerful tool for the simulation of solid and liquid state NMR experiments, J. Magn. Reson., 178 (2006) 248-282

Please cite this article when presenting work facilitated by the use of the software.

Currently, this paper also serves as the main manual for the program. All new developments since the time it was published are summarized in the Reference Manual. This Reference also contains the updated versions of the tables from the paper. The changes from the previous to the latest version are summarized in the Release Notes and License. Both of these documents are included in the software download below and are updated with each new release of the program. Release Notes for previous versions of the program are also available.

Features and Limitations


Download (version 3.4.5)

If you need to perform some highly special spin dynamics computations that cannot be done using the features currently available in the program, or if you are looking for advice or collaboration on a theoretical or computational part of your project, you are welcome to contact Mikhail Veshtort who is currently offering his help as a consultant.


spinev-announce: mailing list for information about SPINEVOLUTION updates

spinev-discuss: a discussion group where you can get or provide help about using the program, and where you can discuss and exchange ideas and experiences related to numerical simulations of NMR experiments



SPINEVOLUTION 3.4.5 released. An issue was fixed that caused the program to stop working prior to the scheduled renewal date (September 1, 2013). See Reference Manual for details on the Intermediate regime chemical exchange functionality.

Contact: Mikhail Veshtort