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CMR 380 J


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CMR 380 J

CMR J is a 380 MHz DNP-NMR spectrometer based on a wide-bore Magnex Scientific magnet (9 T) with a ±1 Tesla superconducting sweep coil. The spectrometer console, designed and constructed by the center, has two fully equiped RF channels and one microwave channel. It has low temperature capability for static (> 25 K) experiments. It is intended for dynamic nuclear polarization solid-state NMR studies. A 250 GHz gyrotron microwave source, constructed by the center, provides CW output powers of up to 25 W.


Two transmitter RF channels

Per channel fully programable frequency modulator with sub-millihertz resolution

Per channel fully programable phase modulator with 0.1 degree resolution

Per channel fully programable amplitude modulator with 0.5% resolution

Four channel pulse programmer with 20 nsec resolution

Double buffered averager

Power amplifiers
(1) Braley 1 kW 380 MHz
(1) ENI 550L 50 W 1.5-400 MHz Magnet
Magnex Scientific 380/9T
Resonance Research 18 channel RT shim set


4 mm double resonance (HX) static probe with microwave channel, VT (25-300 K)


Open VMS operating system

RNMR data acquisition software

Data may be exported in various formats including ASCII, Bruker, Felix, and Varian

RNMRP data processing software