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CMR 750 G

NW14 - Cell 2

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CMR 750 G

750 MHz spectrometer for solid-state NMR

This 750 MHz NMR system is based on a Magnex medium bore magnet with a console designed and constructed by the center. It has four fully equipped RF channels and is capable of lock switched deuterium decoupling.

Four transmitter channels

Per channel fully programable frequency modulator with sub milliHz resolution

Per channel fully programable phase modulator with 0.1 degree resolution

Per channel fully programable amplitude modulator with 0.05% resolution

Four channel pulse programmer with 20 nsec resolution

Double buffered averager

Digital deuterium lock

Temperature controller with 0.1 degree Celsius resolution

FTS Air-jet cooler

Four channel fully programable gradient waveform generator

Single 10 amp gradient amplifier with protection circuitry

Lock switched deuterium decoupling

Power Amplifiers
(1) AMT 3155 150 W 750 MHz (1H)
(2) AMT 3304C 400 W 30-310 MHz (X)



Magnex 750/62

RRI 43 channel shims

Bruker 3.2mm PH MAS DVT 750SB EFREE BL3.2

Bruker 3.2mm MAS 750SB BL3.2 1H/15N/X

Bruker 1.3mm BIOPE 750SB probe for very fast MAS

LINUX operating system

RNMR data acquisition software

Data may be exported in various formats including NMRPipe, SPARKY, Bruker, Felix, and ASCII