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MIT FDC: About The Bulgari Folk Ensemble

The BULGARI Folk Ensemble will be in the Boston area this coming week at MIT's International Folk Dancing:
Sunday, May 9, 1999 8:00 PM - 11 PM
in The Sala de Puerto Rico, W20 (Stratton Student Center) 2nd floor.

More about Bulgari

BULGARI is known for its innovative, fast-paced, virtuoso performances of dance songs and instrumental tunes in Bulgaria's famous additive meters, as well as its renditions of the highly ornamented, nonmetric songs of eastern Bulgaria. It has made many recordings and has appeared on Bulgarian radio and television. The group presents authentic interpretations of Bulgarian folk music, a rich and soulful musical tradition that reflects old world village life and the intermingling of cultures in the Balkan Peninsula through the centuries.

The members of BULGARI are masters and recognized soloists of their respective instruments--gajda (bagpipe), kaval (flute), gadulka (vertical fiddle), tambura (long-necked lute) and tupan (drum) -- and the amazing vocal techniques that have made Bulgarian music famous worldwide.

What people have said:

" It's hard to imagine even Heifetz or Hendrix matching the speed and sensitivity of the composer and gadulka (fiddle) player Georgi Andreev's fingers, and the whole ensemble displayed a precision that left jaws agape throughout a well-filled Agate Hall."

--Brett Campbell, Eugene Weekly, Oct. 22, 1998

"We attended the Bulgari concert last night in Albuquerque, NM. This is a spectacular group of musicians! Don't miss them if they are coming anywhere near your area... Georgi Andreev on gadulka is outstanding in the selections they did here. I believe he also did the arrangements and orchestration."

Carolyn Mills Rick Wallace

From: Franklin_J_Evans

" I'm currently paying the morning-after price (who knew that knees could complain so loudly!) for attending Bulgari's Philadelphia workshop/performance. We learned the melody, harmony and lyrics to three songs in the afternoon, shared a potluck dinner, and danced, danced, danced... IMHO it doesn't matter how thin your experience with Bulgarian music and dance, you shouldn't miss these wonderful people."

" I heartily encourage you to see BULGARI if they perform near you. They just played for a party here in Ocean Springs, and they were fantastic. Their selections and musicianship rivaled any of the commercial recordings I have collected. To experience them live was truly a wonderful experience. They were very accommodating to the dancers' requests, and very pleasant, polite guests."

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