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The MIT Folk Dance Club sponsors three nights of dancing every week:
Sun: International * 2nd/4th Tue: Contra Dance * Wed: Israeli

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** About The Club

The MIT Folk Dance Club sponsors three nights of dancing each week throughout the year, all of which are open to the MIT community and the general public.

Sunday night International Dancing and Wednesday night Israeli Dancing usually meet either in Sala de Puerto Rico or in the Lobby of Building 13 (Check the schedule), from 8:00 to 11:00PM. Both nights start with Early Teaching at 8:00PM, followed by teaching and requests from till 11PM. Beginners are always welcome.

On the Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month, the Contra Dance for All at MIT meets in W20-407 from 8:00 to 10:30pm. Live music every time! Beginners are always welcome and encouraged to come early. This series is a joint production with the Country Dance Society, Boston Centre.

The Club also sponsors Vinovana, our very own performing group, which is always interested in getting new members and performing opportunities.

All Club Meetings are open to the general public, we're especially interested in hearing from MIT students!

We also have an information line at (617) 253-FOLK (253-3655). We're considered to be one of the best places for International Dance in the entire country: Come and check us out!

** IAP 2001 Special Events

The MITFDC gives gives classes and workshops as part of IAP each January.
Here are our offerings for IAP 2003:

* Folk Dance (Physical Education credit course) #090005
Mon, Wed, Fri, Jan 8-31, 1:00 -2:30 pm, T Club lounge, No experience necessary, no partner needed, Registration is happening during the class meeting, Simply arrive when the class begins. It is not too late to sign up for!! 3 make up classes are taught. You can take this course more than once for PE credit. Any questions? Please contact with either Dana at dsussman(at)mit(dot)edu or Marilyn at rapunzel22(at)aol(dot)com
* International Folk Dancing for Everyone (non-credit)
* Contra Dance for All, IAP edition (non-credit)
* Israeli Folk Dancing for IAP (non-credit)
* Morris Dancing, Sherborne Style (non-credit)

** Club Mailing Lists

We maintain electronic mailing lists used to announce dances and other events of interest. These lists are for announcements only and have very low volume, so please sign up for the dance venues in which you are interested:

To be added to or removed from a list, please send your request (including your email address) to <fdc-request(at)mit(dot)edu>. You can also add yourself to the lists using the blanche program on Athena.

You can also check the MITFDC Info Line (617-253-FOLK) for announcements.

Please contact the Folk Dance Club officers at the email address <fdc-request(at)mit(dot)edu>.

** Special Events

* Annual Israeli Dance MarathonThe Christmas Eve Israeli Dance Marathon takes place every year on or about Christmas Eve. We start at 6pm and dance until 6am in Walker Gym on the MIT Campus. People come from all over the continent (and even from Amsterdam!) to dance at MIT! We'll start with simpler dances and move progressively to harder dances as the night goes on, so be sure to come earlier rather than later...even beginners will have fun if you show up at six!
* Beginners' Nights Beginners' nights are for people who haven't done much dancing before and want to learn some and for more experienced dancers who want to practice the basics. In other words, they are for everyone. You need no prior experience and you don't need a partner.
* The Boston Israeli Folk Dance Festival takes place each year in March, in Kresge Auditorium on the MIT campus, next to the student center. The show includes dance ensembles from all over the United States and Canada. Tickets are $12, $10 if ordered before March 1. Call MIT Hillel at (617) 253-2982 for more information and to order tickets.

** Vinovana

To be constructed...

** Where We Meet

A Map Of The Campus

These are the locations where we usually meet (see map above):

1. The Student Center (Building W20). It is located at 84 Mass. Ave., directly across the main entrance to MIT. Sala de Puerto Rico is located on the second floor. Rooms W20-407, W20-491, and our club office W20-437 are all located on the fourth floor.
2. Lobby 13. Can be accessed from either Vassar St. or The Infinite Corridor. (just turn north at Lobby 10.)
3. Room 16-310. This room is very close to the soda machines near the big auditorium 26-100 (where LSC movies are shown.) Just take the stairs or the elevator to the 3rd floor.
4. Morss Hall and Walker Gym Morss Hall is the big hall on the first floor of the Walker Memorial (Bldg. 50), normally used as a dining hall. The gym is on the top floor
Lobdell Dining Hall

** Club Meeting

Club meeting usually take place in our club office (W20-437), located at the fourth floor of the Stratton Student Center.

** Links to other folk dance resources

International and Other kinds:
* The Folk Arts Center of New England home page,
    including their calendar Folk Dancing 'Round Boston.
* New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA)
* Country Dance Society, Boston Centre (American and Contra dancing.)
* A comprehensive page of links to other Contra Dances around the world.
* Larry Denenberg's Beginner's Catechism page

Israeli Folk Dancing:
* Kesher Lamachol , the premier site for israeli folkdancing
* Ken Avner's Israeli Folkdance page
* Israeli Dancing at Harvard Sunday nights
*, which includes a test to see if you are a true folk dance addict and a session-finder, in case you're thinking of moving and want to see if there's dancing there first.
*, another good site for Israeli folkdancing, from Philadelphia.

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