Who are we?

We are a co-ed independent living group for the students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We are around 20 people sharing a large five storey house in Boston's Back Bay. We have all kinds of people living here, from all over the country and all over the world (not to mention all over the MIT campus, both east and west). Most majors are represented and residents have a variety of interests. Current Fenbeings are majoring in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, material science, architecture, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, biology, physics, neuroscience, geology, economics, aerospace engineering, and math, and minoring in theatre and literature. We have many hobbies, and are involved in such extracurricular student groups as Dramashop, GaMIT, Gilbert and Sullivan Players, LGBT, LGC, Medlinks, MITOC, Musical Theatre Guild, and the MIT Shakespeare Ensemble.



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