The People of Fenway House

Current residents of Fenway House are called Fenbeings. New members who have decided to move in in the near future are called Fenbees. And we also have a lot of alumni.

We have all kinds of people living here, from all over the country and all over the world (not to mention all over the MIT campus, both east and west). Most majors are represented and residents have a variety of interests. Current Fenbeings are majoring in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, ocean engineering, materials science and engineering, architecture, computer science, electrical engineering, neuroscience, chemical engineering, geology, management, aerospace engineering, and math, and minoring in theatre and literature. We have many hobbies, and are involved in such extracurricular student groups as Dramashop, G&MIT, Gilbert & Sullivan Players, LGBT, LGC, Medlinks, MITOC, SEBC, Musical Theatre Guild, and the MIT Shakespeare Ensemble.

Our most famous alums are probably Ryan Lackey and Lori Berenson. Lori is a journalist accused of aiding Peruvian terrorists; she's currently serving a long prison term in Peru. Ryan owns a small company called HavenCo that's a data haven based out of Sealand, a country consisting of an offshore military platform near England. Other Fenway alums have gone on to graduate programs and academia, engineering firms, environmental consulting, city planning, oil drilling, public policy health consulting, web design, the pharmaceutical industry and biotech, and more.