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offices: 32-250a and 32-d429, stata center
phone: x3-5860

fernd at mit dot edu

in the department of electrical engineering and computer science (eecs) i provide research, academic and administrative support for assistant prof. polina golland, assistant prof. antonio torralba, institute prof. joel moses and prof. peter szolovits, at the computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory (csail).

in the department of athletics, physical education and recreation (daper) i am a certified yoga, pilates and zumba instructor. i appreciate all aspects of yogic philosophy and greatly enjoy the opportunity to practice it within the mit community. i have been teaching since 2004 anywhere from gyms, to dorms, labs, varsity teams, student groups and yoga studios. my current teaching schedule is below.

seasonally, i row and cox with the mit rowing club, where i have also served as recruiting officer and webmaster.  our crews brought home many medals during the 06, 07 and 08 seasons. for more info on the club see its link below.

occasionally i dance with the mit dance troupe during the academic year. dt performs a series of well-produced shows at the end of each semester, which are worth checking out. for more info on the troupe see its link below.

FALL 2012 teaching schedule
yoga: csail community class, tue 5:15pm, hewlett room (32-g882)
p.e. yoga: tue + thu 12-1pm, dupont t-club lounge (w31)
p.e. zumba: mon + wed 6-7pm, dupont t-club lounge (w31)
zumba: thu 5pm, ironwood pharma
: fri 4:30pm, alumni/wang studio (32)
zumba: rotating sat 10:30am, dupont t-club lounge (w31)

prof. polina golland | prof. antonio torralba |
prof. joel moses | prof. peter szolovits

clinical decision making group | medical vision group

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fern deoliveira
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