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Fern Keniston

office: 32-250a
phone: x3-5860

fernd at mit dot edu


i am assistant to antonio torralba and peter szolovits , professors in eecs at the computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory. i also coordinate the urop and super urop programs at the mit quest for intelligence and the mit-ibm watson ai lab, which are part of mit's newly launched college of computing.

in the department of athletics, physical education and recreation (daper) i am a yoga and pilates physical education instructor. i appreciate all aspects of yogic philosophy and greatly enjoy the opportunity to practice it in the mit community. i have been teaching since 2004 anywhere from gyms, to dorms, labs, varsity teams, student groups and yoga studios. my current teaching schedule is below.

fall 2020 teaching schedule

p.e. yoga: mon + wed 5pm, remotely
p.e. pilates: mon + wed 6pm, remotely

prof. antonio torralba | prof. peter szolovits

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fern deoliveira keniston
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