UA Finance Board
Allocations for the Spring 1999 term

Aeolus				    $0.00	no defense, come to appeals
African Students' Assoc.	$1,000.00	cultural food only	
African Technology Forum	  $750.00 		
Alpha Phi Alpha                   $800.00 	no t-shirts, no food, no 
						scholarships, come to appeals
Alternative Spring Break	$1,500.00	$100 in Tech ads, no fundraiser, 
						no food	
Amnesty International		  $270.00 	no food	
Anime				  $600.00 		
APAC				$2,700.00	$336 in Tech ads	
ASA				    $0.00 	orignally $500--made $0 at UA 
Asian Baptist Student Koinonia	  $600.00 		
Assassins' Guild		$1,000.00 	$100 in Tech ads	
Assoc. of Taiwanese Student	$1,250.00 		
Bangladeshi Students Club	    $0.00 	non-ASA	
Black Students' Union		$2,000.00	no food, no past phone bills, 
						no consultant"	
Blakmuzik			  $325.00 	no recording time	
Braintrust			  $650.00 	$150 in Tech ads	
Bulgarian Club			  $750.00 		
Campus Crusade for Christ	  $300.00 	$320 in Tech ads	
Campus Crusade for Cthulhu	  $270.00 	no t-shirts, no black roses
Caribbean Club			    $0.00 	no defense, come to appeals
Caving Club			  $300.00 		
Chinese Christian Fellows.	  $350.00 	talk to ASA about storage space
Chinese Lion Dancetroupe	   $60.00 	IAP series only, come to appeals
Chinese Students Club		$1,500.00	no cultural show, no tournaments, 
						no Asian party, no ski trip
Chorallaries			  $600.00 	no honorarium for guest groups,
						no t-shirts, no retreat
Christian Students Association	    $0.00 	appeals	
Circle K			  $700.00 	no food	
Class of 2002			    $0.00 	no process for Council funding
College Democrats		  $810.00 	no water	
Concert Band			$1,250.00 	no food	
Counterpoint			$1,200.00		
Croquet Club			  $550.00 	no t-shirts	
Cross Products			  $687.00 		
CTY Alumni Assoc.		    $0.00 	non-ASA	
Dance Mix Coalition		$1,000.00 	appeals	
Dance Troupe			    $0.00 	no defense, come to appeals
Debate Team			$1,500.00	appeals	
EMEG				  $500.00 		
Equestrian Team			  $750.00 		
Experiencing Health Policy	    $0.00 		
FAQs				  $675.00 	no food	
Filipino Student Assoc.		  $700.00 	no Ben & Jerry's, no cultural 
						show, $150 cap on FIND
FIRST				  $250.00 		
G+S  Players			$1,500.00	$200 cap on sewing machine
GAMIT				    $0.00 	defense only, come to appeals
Gospel Choir			  $750.00 	no retreat, rental only on audio
Groove Phi Groove		  $500.00 	no Valentine's Day, no food, 
						come to appeals	
Handbell Ensemble		  $500.00 		
Hansori				  $700.00 		
Hawaii				$1,500.00	no van rental, no airfare
Hillel				$2,100.00		
Hippocratic Society		  $500.00 	no banquet	
Hispanic Month Committee	  $800.00 		
Hunger Action Group		    $0.00 	no defense, come to appeals
Impact Christian Fellowship	  $400.00 	no food	
Institute Foundation		  $750.00 		
International Students Assoc.	$2,500.00	no yacht rental, no #5, no #6
Israeli Students Club		  $700.00 	$65 in Tech ads, cultural food 
Korean Christian Fellowship	  $600.00 	no food, no scholarship
Korean Student Association	  $900.00 	no parking, no volleyball, no 
Logarythms			  $750.00 	no fundraisers	
LUChA				$1,500.00	no care packages, no gifts, no 
						IMs, cultural food only
MAES				  $700.00 	no food, no scholarships
Marching Band			  $500.00 	appeals	
Medical Congress		  $100.00 	$300 in Tech ads	
Men's Ultimate			  $600.00 		
MIT AAH				  $720.00 	$30 in Tech ads, no food
MITCAN				  $700.00 	no party	
Mocha Moves			    $0.00 	non-ASA	
Movements in Time		  $700.00 		
Mujeres  Latinas		$1,000.00	cultural food only	
Musical Theater Guild		  $600.00 	no boombox	
NSBE				$1,200.00		
Orthodox Christian Fellowship	  $220.00 	no vans, no Lenten food (come 
						to appeals to argue)
Pagan Students' Group		  $500.00 		
PaksMIT				$1,500.00
Pershing Rifles			  $700.00 	no food	
Philanthropic Association	    $0.00 	come to appeals	
Plush Daddy Fly			  $800.00 	no food	
Polish Club			  $800.00 	cultural food only	
Pro-Life			  $550.00 	no bake sale	
Project Health			    $0.00 	no defense, come to appeals
RoadKill Buffet			  $400.00 		
Sangam				$1,300.00	cultural food only, no cricket 
						viewing, no paintball
SAVE				  $800.00 		
Science Fiction Society		  $800.00 	no food	
Scuba Club			    $0.00 	go to GSC	
SHPE				  $330.00 	no resume book, no food, no 
Soc. for Creative Anachronism	  $700.00 		
South Asian Amer. Students	$1,500.00	$200 cap on DJ, no gift, 
						cultural food only
Student Cable Group		  $450.00 		
Student Locksmithing Assoc.	  $450.00 		
SUMA				  $800.00 	no formal, no t-shirts, no 
Tech Squares			  $900.00 		
United Christian Fellowship	  $250.00 		
United Students for Vet. H.	  $600.00 	$200 cap on transportation
Vegetarian Support Group	  $450.00 	$100 in Tech ads, no social
Vietnamese Students Assoc.	  $800.00 	cultural food only	
VooDoo				  $800.00 	no fundraisers, no past phone 
Women's Rugby			  $500.00 		
Women's Ultimate Frisbee	  $750.00