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Information for 1e residents about our hall

1E Floor Plans

red = bathrooms
orange = EC's awesome trash room
yellow = the EC piano room, featuring a nifty piano and one (1) flame-spewing air conditioner
green = our awesome kitchen (which is also green in real life)
blue = designated public rec. spaces
purple = EC network room
pink star = defenestration zones

(The) Doors
Birthday Bunnies
Hall Chairs
Hall Tutor
Food (where to keep it)
Room Wars
Study breaks/Hall Feeds


Most should have a sink, a bed, a mattress, a dresser, a desk, a trash can, a ceiling lamp, a set of shelves, a chair and a french poodle. If your poodle is missing or something is broken, service requests can be made on atlasatlas.


It is crucial to have a door on your room. If you find that your door is missing, go to desk and ask for a replacement door. Alternately, you could call FIXIT (x3-4948) the campus fixing-things-that-are-broken hotline. If'n you lock yourself out of your room, go to the front desk and ask for a lockout key. Desk hours are, on a good day, 8am to 2am.


1E has five bathrooms. Two are in Walcott, one in Bemis, and two in Goodale.

The bathroom in deep Walcott has two stalls and one shower and is multiple-occupancy. The one in shallow Walcott has one shower and toilet and is single Occupancy. Bemis has two stalls and three showers. It is also a multiple-occupancy bathroom. The last two in Goodale are similar to Walcott, but are both designated single-occupancy. All 1E bathrooms are coed.

Current Bathroom Policy: is to always knock before entering a single-occupancy bathroom. Responses to a knock are, "Occupied", which means "don't come in", "Come in", which means "come in", and "...", which means there's nobody in the bathroom. There, now, don't say we didn't tell you.

Condoms: Our GRT is supposed to provide us with condoms. They are free and should be located in some of the bathrooms. There is usually a bit of a selection as far as colors and flavors go. For recommendations, please see the bulletin board in the Walcott lounge.

Birthday Bunnies:

We elect/appoint Birthday Bunnies each year. The main job of the Birthday Bunnies is to hop into the kitchen, make a cake, and hop down the hall telling everyone it is your birthday and that they must come into the kitchen and sing to you because it is your birthday and, hell, free cake. The hopping is an optional and oft-forgotten aspect of Birthday Bunny-hood. Current Bunnies are Emily L., Tiandra, Nikki, and Emma Frank. Email them and tell them when your birthday is.


There are two trash chutes; one at each end of the hall. As a safety precaution they were constructed in such a way that, try as you might, you will not be able to accidentally stuff yourself head first down the chute. Upstairs, apparently, you can. We recycle, as should you, so look in the lounges for recycling bins.

Hall chairs:

Elected floor people who are supposed to know what is going on and go to all the HouseComm meetings. Current hall chairs are listed on the comms page.

Hall Tutor (GRT):

Our graduate residence tutor is the lovely Eric Schultheis. He takes care of us when we have problems and makes us Monday night waffels. He is so awesome; he is about to get his Ph.D. in Urban planning!


We have three refrigerators/freezers, three stoves, two microwaves, a broken toaster oven, an invisible can opener, Our kitchen bitch makes sure that there are hall-bought bottles of dish soap and washing sponges for your use. Use, not abuse. there are also really nice cabinets that get allocated in a process known as Cabinet Wars at the beginning of the year

Some guidelines for using the kitchen:
Thou Shalt Not Use Other People's Stuff Without Their Prior Consent.
Thou Shalt Not Leave Dirty Dishes in the Sink (or leave clean dishes in the drainers) Longer Than is Reasonable.
(If left too long, they're liable to be thrown away by our kitchen bitch!!)
Thou Shalt Clean Up After Thyself.

We have an elected kitchen bitch who is, in fact, paid by the dorm to make sure the kitchen is kept clean, by whatever means they see fit. By following a few simple guidelines the kitchen can be a fun place for everybody.

Food (where to keep it):

One of our refrigerators. However, don't leave stuff in the refrigerator/freezer longer than a month or two. Before you put anything in the refrigerator or freezer, put your initials or name on it and the date. Anything unmarked is fair game.


We have a disco-dancefloor. It has more tiles than John Travolta's floor. It lives in the Goodale lounge. It has 1152 tiles. Each tile can be programmed to make 4096 colors. It took us a long time to make. You can checkout a video of the current dancefloor, built during the 2014 IAP, here. The floor has served us well through many parties. You can also check out the original floor's website here.


We have an "anything goes" mural policy. The hall buys paint for people who want to paint murals on the institute-white walls of the hallway and you're free to paint. One request: if you feel that the mural is going to be offensive you should poll the hall and make your decision based on the results. It's a personal discretion kinda thing. You can see our current murals here.


We have two. If you keep your bike there, strange things can happen to it. Studying happens in Goodale; "studying" happens in Walcott, aka Walconia. Goodale is usually where organized hall gatherings occur; Walcott is where spontaneous hall gatherings occur. Goodale houses our TV; Walcott houses projector, kruft, and wall of oscilloscope clocks.


Make some. Be reasonable. Respect others. Walconia is generally loud at most hours, Goodale quiet and Bemis somewhere in between. If you can't get to sleep, ask people to shut up. If they don't get quiet, violence is always the answer. Or our GRT.


We have them, and we like them. Our parties are always good because we're awesome. It helps that we have a disco-dancefloor, but our parties were also good way back in the day before the floor. We usually have one or two parties in the Fall, one in the Spring, and we host the annual Bad Ideas Ball during IAP. We always register our parties. If you want to party, notify the hall of your intentions beforehand. If you want to have the hall host a party, bring it up at a hall meeting.

Room wars:

Yearly, we bicker over who gets what room. There is a lot of yelling which results in an overhaul of the system each year. Worry about it when it happens in April.

Study breaks/Hall feeds:

Every once in a while, we have free food and socialness on the hall. We also have breakfast and dinner every day during finals. Come and participate.


There are three hall phones, one in Goodale, one in Bemis and one in Wa101.

Video Equipment:

We have a TV, projector, speaker setup, Wii, and PS3. The games are kept locked in a cabinet in the Goodale lounge. Ask around for the combo. The rest of it is not real secure, though, so if you see somebody wandering off with one of the devices, clobber them. We use this equipment a lot. Every room also has a cable port, which gets several channels.


Frosh, back in the day, everything and everyone were so much more h4rdk0r. 1e-web has kept records:
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