FIRST - Team 97

The 2008 season is underway. 97 is pursuing its most ambitious design in years. Think Except it has to lift these.

Here's a quick video of the gyro-compensated drive system:

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Some pictures of the forklift and robot coming together:

Thank you to our 2008 sponsors:

The Edgerton Center at MIT

Bluefin Robotics

MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering

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DIY Segway

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Memorable Team Quotes:

"We don't have enough duct tape." -Matthew, 2008

"Shane, there are an endless number of things you can do with springs." -Alex, 2008

"I think we should open the stick." -Aziz, 2007

"These monsters aren't letting me sleep." -Aziz, 2007

"How many paragraphs you write, Shane?" -Aziz, 2007

"Bring all the bottles of wine to me." -Ed, 2007

"I don't like it. I wanna go home." -Dan, 2007

"Where's the robot?" -Dan, 2007

"Are you a pilot? Can I fly the plane? I'll give you a dollar." -Dan, 2007

"But you can't ride a fountain." -Max, 2007

"I don't think Ed likes me very much." -Robbie, 2006

"Wait, I'm a little confused." -Dan, 2006

"What's the phrase I'm looking for? Oh yea, $*%^ you both." -Ed, 2006

"I'm afraid I won't be able to come; I don't really care for robots." - Matt, 2006

"Kabir, Manchester looks a lot like Boston today." -Shane, 2005

"I have low standards right now." -Kabir, 2005

You know you've been in the shop too long if...

- You have been wearing more or less the same clothes to the shop for days.

- You feel like you are wearing safety glasses for hours after your take them off.

- Coffee, Donuts, Soda, Pizza, Repeat.

- You bring the robot to Home Depot to test parts in the parking lot.

- Your non-FIRST friends call you to make sure you are still alive.

- You have uttered some choice four-letter words at the IFI Loader.

- At the end of the night, your sixth sense guides you to IHOP without written directions.

- At IHOP, you hear the cappuccino machine and look over to see who is using the dremel.

Infamous Time/Money Sinks (and who to blame):

- The Craptop and the dashboard program. (Shane)

- Pneumatically-actuated, one horsepower work cart with 16"x6" wheels. (Vlad)

- Tetra grabber. (Ryan)

- Poof-ball shooting mechanism. (Matt)

- CMU cam. (I don't know.)

- Shipping the robot freight from B.U. to MIT. (FIRST)

- POV-Ray field models. (Shane)

- Photomosaic program (see above). (Shane)