MIT: Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyClass of 2017

Online Freshman Advising Folder

The Online Advising Folder brings together information and testing results that will help you and your freshman advisor choose subjects and plan your first year. See Accessing Your Folder below for details.

The Advising Folder shows your reported scores and any MIT credit or placement granted from:

The Advising Folder also includes results from the:

as well as

  • the name, title, and e-mail address of your freshman advisor
  • Freshman Advising Seminar assignment (if any)
  • Terrascope/ Mission 2017 acceptance status

Accessing and Reviewing Your Folder

You can access your folder from Please note: the folder is NOT available between the hours of 1AM. and 5AM due to regularly scheduled server maintenance.

Your Folder is part of MIT's Student Information System. Access to your personal academic and financial records is limited to you and MIT officials who have a legitimate educational interest (for more information see MIT's Student Information Policy). Given this policy, access to your Folder requires authentication using MIT web certificates.

If information is missing, please follow the instructions provided on your Advising Folder for having scores reported. For example, if your AP scores are not on your folder, you will find a direct link to the College Board website to request that scores are sent to MIT.