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References & Resources: Student Support

Below is a quick list of some of the support resources available to you.

Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP)

The UAAP serves as your first-year headquarters. UAAP staff provide linkage with your advisor and associate advisor, general academic information, help with study skills, and individual advising in academics.

The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP) is to provide quality student-centric services to enhance the academic success and personal growth of undergraduates.

The UAAP also facilitates mentoring relationships, cultivates learning skills development, provides academic and personal support through Student Support Services and Student Disabilities Services, promotes leadership development, and manages the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

See the UAAP website for a complete list of UAAP programs and contact information for events which are designed to familiarize you with MIT and get to know one another.

Specific Support Offices and Departments

  • Dean for Student Life (DSL): encompasses departments that touch every area of student life and its work affects every student. Explore the DSL website to learn more about division
  • Dean for Undergraduate Education (DUE): is focused on assuring the quality of the educational experience of MIT students with a particular responsibility for enhancing undergraduate education.
  • Office of Minority Education: Offers programs that encourage the promotion of excellence among under-represented minority students, celebrate academic achievement, and provide opportunities for mentorship and academic enrichment. Sponsors the Tutorial Services Room, open to all students.
  • International Students Office: The International Students Office (ISO) provides services which meet the special needs of MIT international students and support programs which help them to fulfill their personal and academic goals. These include advice on travel and other immigration issues, processing of required forms, and a host program.
  • LGBT@MIT: MIT and its surrounding communities offer a broad spectrum of services, activities, and resources for LBGT, questioning, and supportive individuals. This site includes information on the Rainbow Lounge, the online Lavender Guide, an events calendar, a monthly newsletter, Trans@MIT, and a report form for homophobia and hate incidents.
  • MIT Medical Department: Offers a single, centralized source for all student health care needs, including comprehensive health insurance, care and treatment at the on-campus medical center, a Mental Health and Counseling Service, referral to outside specialists and facilities, and an extensive roster of community wellness programs.
  • MIT Police: In an emergency dial 100 from any campus phone or call 617-253-1212. The Campus Police maintain the official Lost and Found and register laptops as well as patrolling the campus, helping with medical transport, and educating for safety.
  • Student Financial Services (SFS): Student Financial Services is responsible for Student Financial Aid at MIT and maintains student accounts, sends monthly bills, answers questions about financial transactions, discusses financial options with students and their families, administers MIT's financial aid program and provides loan counseling.

Center for Academic Excellence website

The Center for Academic Excellence website offers a virtual space designed to provide you with the tools and resources required to succeed as a student at MIT. The site includes information on:

UAAP offers workshops during the academic year on general study skills and particular topics.

Student Resources Website

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MIT Together

MIT Together is the online portal to support resources for students. The site provides a clear path to help, advice, and support for students in need and offers insight into how various programs and services work. Everyone needs help at one point or another, so check out what MIT Together has to offer.