MIT: Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyClass of 2017

Right Now This Term: The Freshman Awards

The purpose of the Freshman Awards is to recognize the distinguished achievements of freshmen in the class of 2017.

Any MIT student, faculty, or staff member may nominate a freshman for a Freshman Award. Please review the criteria & eligibility section below for more information.

To submit a nomination, complete the online nomination. Nominations will only be accepted online, and late nominations will not be considered.

Criteria and Guidelines

The Freshman Awards are given to students who have accomplished something remarkable within one of the categories listed below. Successful nominations should demonstrate that the student has made a significant and positive contribution to MIT in one or more of the following ways:


  • Student exemplifies true sportsmanship and is admired by his/her team (varisty or intramural)
  • Student played to the best of their ability and maintained a level of academic excellence
  • Student promoted school pride


  • Student participated in a high level of research
  • Student was identified as a leader, helping others understand concepts

Diversity & Culture:

  • Student engages in philosophical and practical educational opportunities
  • Student has made a contribution towards student life during the academic year


  • Student invested significant time to an idea or program


  • Student worked with others in a common effort
  • Student enriched the quality of campus life

Performing Arts/Fine Arts:

  • Student has created or performed in an innovative project or activity
  • Student has composed, performed, or published a work or music ensemble


  • Student advocated for local/and or global justice issues
  • Student demonstrated the importance of making a better world for oneself & others
  • Student challenged themselves and others to serve others


  • Nominees must be members of the class of 2017 in good academic standing and registered during spring 2014.
  • Nominations should be based on achievements between August 2013 and March 2014.
  • Typically, work done in a compensated capacity is not considered. However, extraordinary achievement by a student, who goes above and beyond the normal expectations of work may be considered. Please indicate in your nomination if this is the case.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Campaigns are not recommended.


The nomination period opens on January 1 and will close on March 28. To submit a nomination, complete the online nomination for individuals during the nomination period.

Awards will be announced in early April followed by a presentation in May.