MIT: Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyClass of 2017

Right Now This Term: Academic Performance and Tutoring Resources

If you feel that you are not performing as well as you could in a given subject, don't be afraid to ask for help. There are many people and resources available to assist you in improving your performance, so don't do it alone!

  • TA's office hours. Make a connection with your TA or instructor. You should find the posted office hours on each subject's web site or on the subject syllabus. Bring questions to your TA or instructor for clarification.
  • Class review sessions. These are advertised on the subject syllabus.
  • Tutoring Resources: Tutoring is available in many forms at MIT, especially in science core subjects. The MIT Center for Academic Excellence (ACADEX) has a comprehensive list of departmental tutoring and other resources offered throughout the term.
  • Seminar XL:  The OME offers Seminar XL to assist in maximizing your understanding of class material.  You join a study groups of 4-6 students who meet twice per week to discuss subject concepts and problem-solving techniques. If you join before Add Date, you can receive 3 units of academic credit.
  • Online Resources: The MIT Center for Academic Excellence (ACADEX) is a comprehensive site to help students strengthen their learning skills, including information on Mastering Tests.

Specific Tips: