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First Year Academics: Credit for Previous Study - Cambridge Pre-U Examinations

MIT recognizes and gives credit for high scores on certain Cambridge Pre-U examinations as administered in various countries, based on appropriate documentation.

To receive final credit you must present your official Pre-U certificate (issued by CIE) to UAAP Advanced Placement staff for copy and review. However, if all you have when you arrive on campus is a statement of results or other unofficial report, bring it to UAAP right away. Tentative credit can be recorded and used as a prerequisite for 8.02 and 18.02.

Here are credit policies for Pre-U exam scores:

  • Biology: No credit is given for Pre-U Biology. To receive credit for 12 units of Introductory Biology (7.012), you must pass the Biology Advanced Standing Examination administered during Orientation.
  • Chemistry: No credit is given for Pre-U Chemistry. To receive 12 units of credit for Principles of Chemical Science (5.111), you must pass the Advanced Placement (Advanced Standing) exam administered during freshman Orientation.
  • Geography: MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences will grant 3 units of general elective credit for a grade of D3, D2, or D1.
  • Mathematics: No credit is given for Pre-U Mathematics or Further Mathematics exams. To receive credit for Calculus I and/or Calculus II (18.01, 18.02), take the appropriate Advanced Standing Exams.
  • Physics: For a grade of D3, D2, or D1 in Pre-U Physics, credit will be given for 12 units of subject 8.01, Physics I, and you may enroll in subject 8.02 or 8.022 (Physics II). For grades lower than D3, no credit is given.

    If you earn 8.01 credit and then enroll in 8.012 (the advanced version of 8.01), the 12 units of credit initially given for 8.01 will convert to 6 units of general elective credit. You will also receive 12 units of credit for a passing grade in 8.012.
  • Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences: Pre-U credit cannot be used to satisfy any part of the HASS Requirement. However, each grade of D3, D2, or D1 on Pre-U examinations in fields designated Humanities, Arts, or Social Sciences at MIT earns 9 general elective units. For grades lower than D3, no credit is given. No credit is given for Pre-U exams in Business and Management or Sports Science.

See also general information on the Credit for Previous Study page.

For information about the use of Pre-U grades in Admissions decisions, please visit UAAP cannot answer questions about qualifications for admission to MIT.