MIT: Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyClass of 2017

First Year Academics: How to Seek Transfer Credit - Required Supporting Materials

All requests for MIT transfer credit include the following elements:

1. An official transcript sent directly from the institution where you studied to:

MIT Transfer Credit Staff
Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 7-104
Cambridge, MA 02139

If your transcript was included in your MIT application, the Admissions Office automatically forwards it to UAAP.

No credit can be granted for courses listed only on a high school transcript, even if they were taken in a college or university, or courses documented only by a letter from an instructor or school official.

2. A course description and syllabus from each course for which you are seeking credit.

3. A separate Request for Additional Credit Form for each MIT department in which you are seeking credit. (Please use the custom form linked here, not the one posted on the Registrar's website.) Fill in all blanks except the last three in each row.

4. Additional supporting materials in certain departments:

  • Chemistry: Copies of all of your work on completed problem sets/homework and exams.
  • Mathematics: A photocopy or screenshot of the table of contents for each textbook used and copies of your exams. For 18.01 through 18.06, complete the additional Math Department topic list, one for each course.
  • Other materials as requested by the Transfer Credit Examiner.

After Registration:

  1. Pick up a photocopy of your transcript from Transfer Credit Staff in UAAP, Room 7-104.
  2. Contact the appropriate Transfer Credit Examiner to review your materials. Some will do so in a face-to-face meeting; others will ask you to leave the materials and pick them up later.
  3. Return all signed Request for Additional Credit forms to Transfer Credit Staff in Room 7-104. We will record your pending credit and relay it to the Registrar's Office.

For More Information

Address questions to or telephone 617-253-6771.